21 Ways To Rescue The North By Shehu Sani

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Shehu Sani

These, in my opinion, are viable ways forward for Northern Nigeria.

(1) End insurgency and restore peace.

(2) Restore unity, confidence, trust and solidarity among diverse ethnic and religious communities.

(3) Firm up internally generated revenue.

(4) Reform, revive and recapitalize Northern Nigeria Development Company and upgrade it to a multinational company.

(5) Reach-out for foreign direct investment from gulf countries and Asia.

(6) Empower, train and equip peasant farmers on modern agriculture.

(7) Set up mechanized farms in the states for export of cash crops.

(8) Explore the possibility of exports of beef and leather to Europe and Asia.

(9) Engage the Chinese and Indians for the revival of moragriculture.le industries.

(10) End dependence on federal allocation from oil revenues.

(11) Revive, upgrade and fund public schools.

(12) Scrap most of the courses in the state universities and prioritize on medicine, engineering and agriculture.

(13) Set up investment offices in Asia, Europe and the Far East.

(14) Private public partnership in the exploration of oil and solid minerals.

(15) A new master plan to revive tourism and attract foreign tourists.

(16) Emphasis on dredging the Niger and the utilization of Baro port for import and export.

(17) Rightsizing; drastic reduction in overhead cost in the states and local governments and redeploying the disengaged workers to industry and agriculture.

(18) Formation of youth working groups and use of direct labour for massive infrastructural development.

(19) Build a completely new state of the art city with all the modern infrastructure in the vast expanse of land between Kano, Kaduna and Bauchi state borders; the city is to serve as an international business and financial hub for the Sahel and the savannah region.

(20) Include the teaching of Mandarin, French, and Arabic in schools (for business purposes).

(21) Inculcate the culture of peace, love, understanding, and the spirit of a united Nigeria in the hearts of the young.

Shehu Sani is the president of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria.

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