Tribute To Bamidele Aturu By Dele Ajaja

Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

Bamidele Aturu

Bamidele Aturu!

You were a light in a dark place. You came ahead of your time to refine the tyrants who chose to live a century behind their own time.

Like a seer, you knew there was, but a short voyage ahead. Accordingly, you fought a good fight, like there was no tomorrow.

Resolutely, you sought liberty for the people, when you could have pursued wealth.

You asked for justice in a land that sacrificed justice recurrently on the altar of influence.

People first, you relinquished companionship with the corrupt and walked with commonplace Nigerians.

Nation before self, you spoke for the voiceless people of Nigeria.

A pathfinder, you strove to lead the homeland out of the jungle of exploitation.

Summing it up, your two scores and a decade journey was judiciously spent, than the living septuagenarians and octogenarians who devalued the land of our birth.

Gallantly, you did your bit for a nation that was deprived of goodwill.

Now, rest well; take respite; sleep tight, my friend, brother, and compatriot.

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