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Brazil President Plans to Reserve 20 Percent of Government Jobs for Blacks

Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

Brazilian President Dilma Roussef

Brazilian president Dilma Roussef plans to ask congress to pass legislation to reserve 20 percent of the nation’s government jobs for blacks.

Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world followed by Brazil; blacks represent about half of Brazil’s 204 million people.

President Dilma Rousseff envisages if her proposal becomes law, the troubling socio-economic inequality that blacks face in Brazil will be assuaged.

Congress has not stated when debate may begin on the proposal.

Rousseff also said Tuesday that by the end of 2014, her government will have sent a doctor to each of Brazil’s more than 3,500 “quilombos.” Quilombos are settlements started by descendants of Brazil’s slaves.

African slaves landed on the shores of Brazil than any other country in the Americas.

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