Uduaghan Inaugurates Local Government Caretaker Committee Chairmen, Is that Lawful?

Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan


12 -11-2012


Members of Liberate – Delta People’s Movement, a group representing over 16,800 citizens of Delta state, Nigeria across the world condemn in the strongest possible terms, Uduaghan’s appointment of Local Government Caretaker Committee Chairmen in the 25 local governments in Delta State (Except Ughelli South). Members of the group have greeted this move with incredulity and have labelled it as illegal, unconstitutional, and undemocratic. Uduaghan has failed to conduct local government elections as stipulated by the Nigerian Constitution Section 7 (1) “… The system of local government by democratically elected local government councils is under this Constitution GUARANTEED;….”, Uduaghan’s actions are therefore clearly in breach of the Constitution as there are no extenuating circumstances which can explain this move. Uduaghan has not secured the mandate of the people and for sure, he has no mandate of appointment as to what should happen in terms of a strong third tier of government as fully represented in the constitution of the Federation. It is but political cowardice for an inept and unpopular governor to avoid the judgement of the ballot box by over-stepping the bounds of the powers bestowed on him by the Constitution of Nigerian. His actions are utterly reprehensible and we condemn them in all their ramifications as they are clearly further evidence of the poor governance, corrupt, and criminal mindedness of the Uduaghan Administration.

Liberate – Delta People’s Movement have been following this issue for a long time and have raised a number of concerns with the Uduaghan administration about the clear lack of urgency with which Uduaghan was progressing on the matter of local government elections. Patriots had pointed out that the apparent lack of interest in expediting this matter was due to the fact that the lack of local government chairmen in position gave the governor full control of all resources coming to the State and indeed was an opportunity for looting the resources meant for the well being of citizens. Since May 2007 when Uduaghan came into power in marred elections which were later cancelled; approximately 38.5 Million Naira has been allocated to local government councils through the State government. Till date, there is no evidence of the use of these vast resources instead the State is littered with ill-conceived, incomplete, and abandoned projects. It was also pointed out by many that the Uduaghan administration and the Delta State People’s Democratic Party were potentially afraid of the democratic process as they had lost the people’s goodwill and their political grip on power; with the implication that if the local government elections were held today, Nigeria’s ruling party, PDP that is currently unpopular among Nigerians would lose a considerable number of seats to opposition parties.

The spokesperson for Liberate Delta People’s Movement, Mr Cadre Drake stated:

“These appointments are not in the interest of the people, they are in the interest of the ruling elite who have no respect for the rule of law, no respect for the constitution, and certainly no respect for democracy and the people. It is just an attempt to secure funding for the 2015 election and enrich some greedy people along the way; we must end such practices for our State and our country to move forward and achieve real democracy.”

Liberate Delta People’s Movement has called on all Deltans across all local government areas to oppose these appointments with all their democratic might. It is clear that for Uduaghan it is business as usual and the agenda for looting the resources of the people, his reputation of poor governance, and mismanaging the affairs of the State continues whereas he continues with propaganda via features on television claiming: “things have changed and he is working for the interest of the people”. It is now for the people to respond to this ongoing attack on the State and to oppose the destruction of our fragile democracy.

LIBERATE was established in 2011 with the following declaration,
“The people of Delta State hereby proclaim their right to freedom, security, justice and good governance. We proclaim our opposition to corruption, nepotism and autocracy. We have suffered enough. Delta must be FREE. We make a solemn commitment to prosperity for all – one Delta, one People, one Future. Arise!” The group now has more than 16,800 members.


Email: cadre2010@hotmail.com

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