RE: COMPARING MLK JR. AND PASTOR TUNDE BAKARE: MLK Jr. Would Not Have Agreed With The Corruption Within President Jonathan’s Administration By Omololu Omotosho

I came across the article below and I uncontrollably had to respond because when it comes to speaking about Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, he died while serving humanity so NO ONE should use his name to score political points and I am not suggesting that anyone is.

Please, read the article below.


The press release by the CPC and its spokesman Rotimi Fashakin in their characteristic manner, is a shabby assemblage of letters and words and a sordid attempt to undermine the legacy of one of the greatest human beings that God put on the face of the Earth, Rev (Dr) Martin Luther King (Jnr).

The ridiculous attempt by Rotimi Fashakin to even dare compare Dr. King to his pastor and political mentor Bakare is painful, wicked and treacherous!

A modern icon in Northern American liberalism and a legend whose history has become a subject of study all over the world, Dr. Martin Luther King inspired America and Americans with WORDS and Non-violent pursuit of good for all men. Towards the end of days in 1968, he had refocused his efforts to ending poverty and stopping the Vietnam War.

To begin, I will advise Rotimi Fashakin to go through the archives and read the wonderful pieces that Dr King delivered to Americans in “I have a Dream” and “I have been to the mountain top”

Unlike Pastor Tunde Bakare, host pastor of Latter Rain Assembly and vice-presidential candidate of the congress for progressive change (cpc), Dr King was a Man of God who used his pulpit to advance his calling to improve the lives of men.

Unlike Pastor Tunde Sindiku Abubakar Bakare, Dr Martin Luther King was not a politician and never even attempted to use the pulpit to attract political patronage in spite of all the lures.

Unlike Bakare, in 1964, Dr. King became the youngest man to win the Nobel Prize for his efforts to end racial segregation and discrimination through nonviolent means.

Unlike Bakare, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1977 and the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2004 (both awards were posthumously given).

Unlike Bakare, Dr King, in spite of all the provocations, did not go around insulting the leadership of the United States of America and maligning their spouses. He did not go around playing ‘god’ and delivering false prophesies.

Unlike Pastor Tunde Sindiku Abubakar Bakare, Dr Martin Luther King was not a muslim-turned-Christian and did not go around undermining other Men of God because he felt he was superior to them.

Unlike Pastor Tunde Sindiku Bakare, Dr Martin Luther King did not go around and publicly tear religious books written by other Men of God the way Bakare publicly tore the revered Bishop David Oyedepo’s book.

The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was a great man. He understood the power of words and so he used and delivered them efficiently and honorably. His words changed lives, inspired millions to challenge limiting reality and provoked political leadership to do good for all people. He was a Man of God.

In his book, Let the Trumpet Sound: A Life of Martin Luther King, Jr. (p. 159) on the matter of stance on political parties as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference SCLC, the author Stephen B. Oates noted that as the leader of the SCLC, King maintained a policy of not publicly endorsing a U.S. political party or candidate. They quoted Dr. King as saying that “I feel someone must remain in the position of non-alignment, so that he can look objectively at both parties and be the conscience of both—not the servant or master of either.”

In a 1958 interview, he expressed his view that neither party was perfect, saying, “I don’t think the Republican party is a party full of the almighty God nor is the Democratic party. They both have weaknesses … And I’m not inextricably bound to either party.”

Unlike Bakare, Dr. Martin Luther King did not attempt to use the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) as a vehicle for political penetration, crowd accumulation and manipulation or political participation.

It is very clear to some of us that a large majority of the folks at CPC continue to believe that Nigeria should be back in the military years.

Rotimi Fashikin even talked about ‘muzzling lawful dissent’! Unbelievable!!

Nigerians do not forget that easily. We will never forget the very dark years of this country when journalists were tossed in jail and imprisoned for more than a year just because they reported in possible appointments. Those were the Buhari years.

Politicians who were eventually found to have committed no crimes were tossed into jail and some died later on due to the turmoil and torment they were so callously subjected to. Our revered Fela Anikulapo-Kuti had a taste of that pudding.

The Nigerian state is yet to recover from the reckless and treacherous adventure of a group of misguided and improperly schooled military officers.

Today, the likes of Rotimi Fashakin have now become disciples of such a one. Tragic concomitance!

President Jonathan’s resolve to transform this country is unshakeable. He continues to take tough decisions that will strengthen and position this country for greatness even when some of you try to undermine those decisions and foolishly politicize them.

Some of our best hands and best brains are currently at work across various sectors of the economy. From Agriculture, Power, Water Resources, ICT, Finance, Works, Housing to Petroleum etc., outstanding Nigerians are delivering on their mandate to change and transform Nigeria.

Most of them were sourced from world-class institutions from where they had established themselves as exceptional managers of men and resources. Determined technocrats with unquestionable pedigree, they are the armour bearers and foot soldiers in the President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda. They are succeeding!

Nigerians are now witnessing robust improvements in power supply across the country. Revolutionary progress is being acknowledged in the area of Agriculture. After decades of decay, the Nations railway is currently being overhauled, reconstructed and rehabilitated. Mass housing projects that were abandoned in the Shagari years are currently being reworked to completion across the country.

A wave of electoral reform is taking over our country. The votes and voices of Nigerians are beginning to count. Nigerians have never been this empowered to speak out and speak up.

A country that has for years been ruled and dictated over by coup plotters, dictators, murderers and military henchmen will soon come to relish and savor the Presidency of a meek, unassuming and humble Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan.

The government of President Jonathan is on course. Our current challenges especially in the area of security with respect to the activities of Islamic terrorists in Northern Nigeria are being dealt holistically and will be overcome eventually.

Those who once truncated our democracy should please allow us build it back again.

Our darkest years are over. We will never go back that road again. So help us God.

George Kerley
The Jonathan Project”

Most of the problems currently facing Nigeria that Pastor Tunde Bakare raises as a Nigerian citizen is what the vast majority of Nigerians know about and want addressed. Everyone may not agree with Pastor Tunde Bakare’s solution and method but the debate should be about ideals and not personalities. It can be argued that even President Goodluck Jonathan knows about the vast majority of problems currently facing his administration, some of which are caused by him not having the will to tackle those problems. I will end my thought by stating: Nigeria is the only land Nigerians possess.

What are you thinking?

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