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By Emma Amaize

WARRI – Activist and Coordinator of the Ijaw Monitoring Group, IMG, Comrade Joseph Evah, has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to recall the former National Security Adviser, NSA, General Andrew Azazi (rtd), who he fired, about two months ago, to avoid the calamity that befell former military Head of State, the late Major- General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi -Ironsi, 46 years ago.

Major-General Aguiyi-Ironsi, born in 1924, was the Head of State of Nigeria from January 16, 1966, until he was overthrown and killed July 29, same year, by a group of northern army officers, who revolted against his government.

Comrade Evah in an interview with Vanguard said the sacking of Azazi was a contrived agenda by some northern elements, which he (President Jonathan) fell into, despite the fact that he was forewarned not to fall into the ambush by those who want to oust him from power.

His words, “I said it long before General Azazi was removed and it was published by a national newspaper that Boko Haram would ask President Jonathan to resign once he makes the mistake of firing Azazi. It is one of the grand designs of the group and now, they have asked Jonathan to resign after he fired Azazi”.

“Some people may not know, but I want to tell you that we have a serious battle at hand now. President Jonathan should humble himself and recall Azazi.

“He should stop listening to bad advisers who he has surrounded himself with. They are confusing him and since he recalled the Director General of the Security Exchange Commission, SEC, Arunmah Oteh, I don’t see why Azazi should not be recalled”, he said.

Evah said the plan of those who wanted Azazi out was for Jonathan to expose himself, and having achieved that, “the next target is to impeach him”.

“But my prayer is that God should open the eyes of Jonathan to see the dangerous plans against him. I forewarned in my earlier interview that they would expose him as it happened to former Head of State, Gen Aguiyi Ironsi before they will strike and that is what is happening now.

“When Jonathan was trying to remove Azazi, I told him not to attempt it, that he was playing with fire, he did not listen. He ignored us because he was listening to sycophants. Now that the handwriting is very clear on the wall, he should ignore these sycophants and recall Azazi to continue with and improve on his strategy against Boko Haram”, Evah asserted.

He said from his practical analysis of the problem, Gen Azazi (rtd), understood the game plan of Boko Haram and had devised a strategy to nail them, which some powerful forces saw and deftly moved against him, but Jonathan could not decode the scheme and fell for it.

The activist said it was not easy to bring Boko Haram to its knees because of the level of support and conspiracy of people of people behind it, but he reliably gathered that Azazi and his team refused to negotiate with the terrorist group and were prepared to step on toes of persons when the President was used to cut him to size.

2 Responses to “Avoid Aguiyi-Ironsi tragedy, Evah tells Jonathan – Vanguard”

  1. With plethora our favorite buddies recognize states; through hard knocks small children our favorite buddies.

  2. Mario says:

    Goodkuck Jonathan is confused you and I know it… The way he dose things will be a notice to show one that he is not sitting on the sit of the presidency alone, there other people that sat with there…
    Point blankly everybody is awear that the Northerns are never happy the way another tribe, religion or tongue is occupying the seat of the citizen of Nigeria and they are going to any length to ensure that this administration is never a success, but “to the person that they are playing the musical drum is dancing but he (jonathan) dosen’t understand the rhythms of the sound and the steps is not even inline with the beating of drum sound”…

    When I notice that Jonathan is going to fuck things up, is when he came into power and did not resign or sack some political appointee. For his case anyone that came the way he did will sack the old hands and appoint new ones, with that, if not for any thing, their will be sanity/respect/ regard to the person they call their leader…


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