Jonathan Responds to Boko Haram: I Will Not Resign

President Goodluck Jonathan
President Goodluck Jonathan said the purported condition given by the Boko Haram Sect that he should convert to Islam and resign from the presidency as a pre-condition for peace as a blackmail that he is not ready to succumb to.

Special Adviser to the President on Media, Reuben Abati while reacting to the condition given by Boko Haram noted that the president will not resign because he is the custodian of a mandate given to him by christians and muslims alike.

Culled from a Nigerian newspaper, Vanguard

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5 Responses to “Jonathan Responds to Boko Haram: I Will Not Resign”

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  2. Mario says:

    So sorry that things are coming in this direction when a South-South is in the sit of power in Nigeria.
    I am not only consigned about the resignation that Boko Haram the sect. has told Jonathan to do but I am also consign on Jonathan actions to their staement to the matter.

    1) The sect,Boko Haram are not opperating with their own mandate but with the mandate of ex-soilder and politicians that hails from the North.
    2) From the on set when the sect. Boko Haram started there killings in Jos, Jonathan did not take any action to stop or dialogue with them, it when it gets out of hand that he first made a statement and in find solutions on how to stop them in opperating in the street of the North.
    3) The sect. Boko Haram has found out that the government of Jonathan can not stop them Not to terrorise everywhere and anywhere in the North.
    4) The sect. Boko Haram thinks that they are above the law and because they are not known facilly that they can now talk to the president of Nigeria in any manner that pleases them.

    To me the best idea for Jonathan to do as a president is that those people that has been speaking for them directly and indirectly should be held responsible for all the choas that Boko Haram has been causing to societies, families and the entire Nation at large.

  3. u are a disgrace to d south, to hell wit ur statment. do u tink d nodanas are hapi wit bokoharam. and even if d country is divided do u tink d north can't survive. go back and make ur findings evry part of naija can survive but mind u no country live in i says:

    u are a disgrace to d south. go and make research on bokoharam before u comment

  4. Prince Silver Amorighoye says:

    To hell with boko haram, God will purnish whoever is sponsoring this nonsence act. If they want Nigeria to divide we in the south are ever ready for it and Goodluck will never resign for their selfish reasons. let them wait and see what will happen in 2015.

  5. Magnus obinna says:

    Nonesense.Boko haram groups are will not resign ang peace must reign in this. Iam hapy because weeping will last for a night and shout of joy cometh in the money. We are nomore afraid of so called boko haram,they should do their worst. God is control. Nigeria good people great nation


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