President Jonathan Knows Boko Haram Sponsors – Rt. Rev. James Oladunjoye

Bishop of the Owo Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Rt. Rev. James Oladunjoye, fears Nigeria may disintegrate under President Goodluck Jonathan if he fails to bring sponsors of the dreadful Boko Haram sect to book.

Oladunjoye stated this in his Bishop charge which he read on Friday during the Third Session of the 10th Synod held at the St. Paul’s Church, Ijagba in the Ose Local Government area of the state.

He said even if the country breaks up, members of the deadly sect would still be terrorising Christians and southerners in their midst and the problem could lead to a full blown war when the attacked decides to take up arms and fight their aggressors.

The cleric said unless Jonathan picks up sponsors of the sect with a view to bringing them to justice, they would ensure the total collapse of his government.

Oladunjoye said, “The sponsors of Boko haram are no longer in government or the corridors of power which they believe is their birthright. They are those that have been pushed away from controlling the national cake.

“We have said it with all emphasis, that the sponsors of this sect are well known to those in government especially the President.”

Culled from a Nigerian newspaper, PUNCH

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  4. maina says:

    Unless he can arrest himself then I don see him making any effort. He and his former NSA are the biggest sponsors!

  5. Aharunatom says:

    …Sir tell him d truth he know who sponsor BH,in my on tink he is among Gej!bad leader

  6. Mario says:

    Sir… Is reality speaking through you, tell him the president. He is acting as-if he is not aware of the truth that came out from you at this hour.

  7. Mario says:

    Sir… Is reality speaking through you, tell him the president. He is acting as-if he did not aware of the truth you told him at this day.


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