Yinka Odumakin: Pastor Tunde Bakare’s Chat with SSS was a friendly One

Pastor Tunde BakareNigeria’s state police, State Security Service (SSS) invited Pastor Tunde Bakare to its Shangisha office in Lagos, Nigeria for a 2 pm meeting reportedly because of the sermon Pastor Tunde Bakare delivered on Sunday titled “How to change government peacefully and make society better”.
The spokesman of the Pastor Tunde Bakare led non-profit organization, Save Nigeria Group stated about the State Security Service officials interaction with Pastor Tunde Bakare, “It was a friendly chat.”
It can be noted that the Pastor Tunde Bakare led Save Nigeria Group visited President Jonathan in Abuja in December 2010 in connection with its advocacy for a better Nigeria. On the group’s way out of the Presidential villa, the group was offered $50,000 which is reportedly a routine and diplomatic way to bribe people President Jonathan sees as a threat to his and the cabal’s reported continuous looting of Nigeria’s financial resources. The group rejected the $50,000 offer and the highly disgraced President Jonathan’s administration stated the $50,000 offer was for “transport fare”
This is the link to the sermon Pastor Tunde Bakare delivered on Sunday: “How to change government peacefully and make society better”.

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