PATIENCE JONATHAN: We Should Be Included In the Constitution So that We Too Can Retire With Benefits

First Lady Patience Jonathan
Wife of President Goodluck Jonathan, Dame Patience Jonathan, has canvassed for the inclusion of roles of presidents’ wives in the Constitution.
This, according to her would enable them get retirement benefits along with their spouses when they leave office.
Mrs. Jonathan made the plea in a chat with journalists shortly after she was sworn-in as Permanent Secretary in the Bayelsa State Civil Service along with 18 others by Governor Seriake Dickson on Friday afternoon.
She lamented that the office of the First Lady is not currently recognised because it is not in the Constitution, saying its inclusion will “enable the occupier of that position to enjoy benefits of the office like their husbands on retirement.”
She recalled a situation when the Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) prevailed on the president to call her to order because the role of the first lady is not in the Constitution.
She tasked the Constitution Amendment Committee to look into the issue with a view to including it in the next constitution.
“We the wives of political office holders, if our names are not in the constitution and our husbands retire with benefits, the Constitution amendment committee should also look into the issue of wives of political appointees.
“We should be included in the Constitution so that we too can retire with benefits. With that we can enjoy our career, “Mrs. Jonathan added.
In his address, Governor Dickson, warned the new permanent secretaries against involvement in politics, saying “we don’t want your involvement in politics; we don’t want to hear that any permanent secretary is involved in the act of politicising our People.”

Culled from a Nigerian newspaper, The Nation

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8 Responses to “PATIENCE JONATHAN: We Should Be Included In the Constitution So that We Too Can Retire With Benefits”

  1. T.Brown says:

    For once I thank God for other first ladies o… Better life for Rural Women (late Mariam),Family Support Programme and International Cancer Centre (Turai) for the poor and down throdden women in the society.

    Dame is asking for richer life for rich women amd their families (even appointees!!!). Does she ever listen to herself. This is a shame!

  2. Omooba says:

    u will sink with ur H/B.U love money nd Power too much.Ma u may lead ur H/B to doom.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry for nigeria. We are dead. Is dat d reason why the office should be constitutd? Benefits? Hmmmmm.

  4. Anonymous says:

    look @ this ungrateful woman ,,,u dnt even thank GOD that u ar d first lady today?? wat do u need crazy benefit for??now u occupy an office that suppose to given to some1 who really deserve it…remember u ar earning govt money in two ways ;first lady and that one of ur state hmmmm madam cracked voice u received two allocation from Nigeria govt n now u ar talkin of benefit…oya ku ku carry all d money in Nigeria naa ,,so u can build an earthly paradise….

  5. ISRAEL JOE says:

    What benefit is she taking about?What carrer and job does she do to enjoy benefits of retirement or does she intend to divorce the president and have her own wealth? this is really crazy. Nigeria needs help from even Chad, Niger and India cos some brains has stopped working. Pls help oooooooooooooooo…

  6. Ugboh Ike Collins says:

    @Dame Patience: why are you so materialistic? Know ye not the little respect that office has is that Nigerians see as an NGO? @guv.DSeriake: you are picking polititians politically for an apolitical jobs @the same time telling them not to politicise the civil service. You can only disappoint those people expecting much from you. Enjoy your ride while it last, and lest u forget, one only gives what he has. You guys are nothing but fraudsters and rapists. Just loot and go, Nigeria remains.


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