Jonathan Sends Petroleum Industry Bill to National Assembly

President Goodluck Jonathan has sent the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) 2012 to the National Assembly.
According to the Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Deziani Alison-Madueke, the bill was despatched yesterday morning after what she described as “in-depth review”.
She spoke to State House Correspondents at the end of yesterday’s weekly Federal Executive Council (FEC) presided over by President Jonathan.
She noted that the new bill was the outcome of the review of the former bill, adding that other versions that were said to be in circulation were fake.
Displaying the authentic hard copy to the press, the minister announced that the soft copy of the new document would be available on the website of the Petroleum Ministry later on yesterday evening.
She said: “This is, therefore, the definitive petroleum industry bill and we expect that it will receive due consideration in the National Assembly.
“There is no other Petroleum Industry Bill for 2012. We have seen various adaptations appearing in the media, particularly online, that did not come from the Federal Government of Nigeria and we are unaware of who posted them on these sites.
“There is only one Petroleum Industry Bill 2012, which has been released today for the first time to the National Assembly and will, therefore, be available on the Ministry of Petroleum Resources site by this evening for down loading.
“You will notice that inside the bill there are water marks including a signing across each page that says the Petroleum Industry Bill for 2012 and the Coat of Arms of the nation and this is the only Petroleum Industry Bill that we have produced.
“Therefore, all other versions or adaptations are not valid and have never been. I will like all Nigerians to please take note.
She said: “The Petroleum Industry Bill 2012 was forwarded by Mr President to the National Assembly this morning after in-depth review we have consolidated a major scope of input into what is now the petroleum industry bill.
“ As I said before, we have taken into consideration what was done and put before the Sixth Assembly, but we have had to review it in great detail and rework the bill to reflect as much as possible the entire spectrum of what we considered will be the substantial strategic framework for the petroleum industry and the amalgamation of over 16 laws in the oil and gas sector, that will carry this nation in that sector for the years to come.”

Culled from a Nigerian newspaper, The Nation

The is the link to the authentic Petroleum Industry Bill as sent to the National Assembly by President Goodluck Jonathan.

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