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Violence in Plateau State: Gunmen kill Senator and State Assembly Leader during Mass Burial Ceremony

Image credit: Sahara Reporters

SaharaReporters has just learnt that Senator Dantong Gyang Dalyop and Gyang Fulani, the majority leader of the Plateau State Assembly, were among several people murdered today during a mass funeral in the Barakin-Ladi local government area of Plateau. A member of the House of Representatives, Simon Davou Mwadkwon, was also seriously injured in the attack.

Senator Dantong Gyang Dalyop was a PDP member and chaired the Senate committee on health.

Nigerian senate spokesperson Senator Ayinnaya Abaribe confirmed the tragic event to SaharaReporters. Our sources disclosed that the murdered officials were attacked as they attended a mass funeral for more than twenty men, women and children killed in the area in a gruesome attack launched by yet unidentified gunmen yesterday.

The funeral was just concluded when heavily armed men in military uniforms descended on the mourners, shooting at the senator and other officials at point blank range.

“It was a horrible sight,” said a source who witnessed the tragedy. “People ran helter-skelter as the gunmen continued to shoot,” he added.

For the past several years, Plateau State has been mired in sectarian bloodshed between armed groups of Muslims and Christians.

Culled from a news website based in New York, Sahara Reporters

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4 Responses to “Violence in Plateau State: Gunmen kill Senator and State Assembly Leader during Mass Burial Ceremony”

  1. David says:

    Nigeria have securities but they are not really organise. LET ALL OUR RELIGIOUS leaders come for reconciliation

  2. umar says:

    Atleast big names are becoming victims of their own handwork…thumbs up for FG and JTF.

  3. Wat a tragedy. says:

    Wat a tragedy.

  4. Obioma says:

    Iam stil proud of goodluck.


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