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Jonathan may Sack Some Ministers

President Goodluck Jonathan
• Gusau looks set for Defence portfolio as Umar Dangiwa shuns public office.

Barring last minute change of mind, President Goodluck Jonathan may soon drop some ministers following an assessment of their performance.
The President is, however, keeping members of his cabinet in suspense over the imminent shake-up to avoid pressure.
It was learnt that the President has begun discussion with some Nigerians he might bring into the cabinet to revitalise it.
Former National Security Adviser, Gen. Aliyu Gusau was said to have accepted to serve as the Minister of Defence if given.
One of the speculated candidates for Defence portfolio, Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, had allegedly foreclosed occupying public office since last year.
It was gathered that there is preference for Gusau than a retired Intelligence Officer in the Nigerian Army, Gen. Halilu Akilu.
Investigation by our correspondent revealed that the President has concluded plans to effect changes in his cabinet following a recent assessment of his ministers.
According to findings, the President is keeping his ministers in suspense to avoid pressure from lobbyists.
Although the President had initially opted for a minor cabinet reshuffle, a reliable source said the tone has changed to a ‘strategic’ shake-up.
It was unknown last night how many ministers in the remaining 41-man cabinet would be affected.
The source added: His body language appears as if he will not effect any change but the reality is that some cabinet members will be dropped.
“Jonathan has his own independent assessment of ministers. He knows those who are hard-working and the lazy ones. During his recent media chat, he alluded to the ministerial briefing held by ministers.
“The President is shopping for fresh hands and he has opened up discussions with a few talented Nigerians that might come on board.
“Some ministers who are used to the President’s style do not want to be caught unawares; they have intensified lobbying to remain in the cabinet.
“But the President has kept his game plan secret and he might unfold it soon.”
On the choice of Defence Minister, the source added: “I think Gusau might clinch it because this experienced General has accepted to serve his nation.
“It is left to the President to make up his mind on Gusau among other choices available to him.”
Another source claimed that former Governor of Kaduna State, Col. Umar Dangiwa appears not interested in serving the government in any capacity.
The source, who spoke in confidence, said: “Actually Dangiwa was offered the post of Defence Minister last year by the presidency but he rejected it. He has been telling his friends associates that ‘I am running away from public office, I want to be on my own.”

Culled from a Nigerian newspaper, The Nation

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