Civil society groups demand Diezani sack – Daily Trust

Minister of Petroleum, Diezani Allison-Madueke

A coalition of civil society groups Wednesday called for the sack of petroleum minister Diezani Allison-Madueke over the outcome of a probe into government spending on fuel subsidy.

The coalition also wants the presidency to begin prosecuting all in the probe by the House of Representatives.

The group insists only full implementation of the recommendations of the probe will show the federal government is sincere.

One of the groups, CLEEN Foundation, has condemned Allison-Madueke’s stay in the wake of the report it said recommended her removal.

“What government did in our view is like looking for the poor guys to sacrifice whereas the main person at the centre of it is still in office,” said Innocent Chukwuma, executive director of CLEEN.

“We are calling on President Jonathan to also fire the Minister of Petroleum Resources and indeed go after the executives of the oil companies that were involved in the scandal.”

A second group, Nigeria Network of NGOs, has called the subsidy scandal the biggest in Nigerian history and laments that Nigerians were still allowing it to continue, according to its trustee Yemisi Ransome-Kuti.

It called on Diezani to take a “path of honour” and resign voluntarily.

Said Ransome-Kuti: “I will expect Mr President to show us that he really wants to transform Nigeria and lead by example—not just hold all those people accountable, but be accountable himself and declare his asset.

“Even if the law does not require it, it is incumbent on you if you want Nigerians to believe that you are going to fight corruption, that you want to establish transparency and good government in Nigeria, that you lead by example.”

Director, Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre Clement Nwankwo stressed that monies lost in subsidy fraud must be recovered.

“We need cash for the hospitals; we need cash for the schools that have become areas for cockroaches. We need the cash to deal with the poverty situation in the country. The cash should be brought back so that our people can enjoy the dividends of democracy,” he said.

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