Eminent Ghanian Economist: President Jonathan is a Lunatic and Nigerians should follow the Constitution in order to remove him

Professor George Ayittey

President Goodluck Jonathan
By Samuel K. Obour

One of the World’s foremost economists, Professor George Ayittey has lashed out at the President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ), describing him as “a joke” and a mediocre President after his (GEJ’s) encounter with the media last night.
According to Professor Ayittey, Nigeria “deserves a better leader”, judging by GEJ’s poor, almost unfortunate responses to some of the questions posed to him by the Nigerian media last night.
The Professor indicated that GEJ’s refusal to declare his assets and his failure to tackle the Boko Haram crisis suggest that he is of an unsound mind.

He therefore called on Nigerians to rid themselves of GEJ as soon as possible.
He said: “Nigerians should not put up with such mediocrity and should mount a RECALL GEJ campaign. They should check Chapter VI of their Constitution. See Sections 143 and 144 about removing the President and Vice-President from office other than through elections”.
“137; 1c: “A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if under the law in any part of Nigeria, he is adjudged to be a lunatic or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.”

Professor Ayittey, a Ghanaian economist, author, president of the Free Africa Foundation in Washington DC, professor at American University, and an associate scholar at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, made this known on twitter this morning.
Read the entire tweet below:

“Look, this GEJ guy is a joke – a meretricious mediocrity. Nigerians deserve a better leader. Fancy his statements and responses to questions in a media chat on June 24, 2012:

• He has not visited Borno state, the center of Boko Haram attacks, because the airport there was not functional at the time he planned to visit. “And we did not want to land somewhere and fly in to Maiduguri with a helicopter for obvious reasons.”

[Why is the airport not functioning? Why hasn’t it been fixed? And are there no ROADS into Borno State?]

• Asked why he had not declared his assets, Mr. Jonathan replied in an impatient tone, stating “I don’t give a damn” about declaration of assets. He related that he had gone to the late President Umaru Yar’Adua to caution “that we should not play to the hands of some people [by openly declaring their assets].” Mr. Jonathan added, “That is a matter of principle and I am not going to declare. It is not the president declaring his asset that will end Boko Haram.”
• The president said it’s a matter of principle and whether he is criticized from “head to toe” he will not declare his assets. “It is not right,” he said. “I didn’t even want to declare my assets as VP” but was forced by the then president, Umara Musa Yar’Adua. He said asset declaration is “not the right thing to do.”

[Damn it, it is a constitutional requirement to declare your assets, Mr. President. See Chapter VI, Part 1, Section 140 of Nigeria’s Constitution: “Declaration of assets and liabilities, oaths of President.” And what the hell has Boko Haram got to do with declaration of assets?]

• Agriculture: The president said his government is revolutionizing agriculture in Nigeria.”We are giving cotton seeds free in the North” he said.

[This is the most crass definition of an “agricultural revolution” – by providing free seeds.]

• The President said the government is doing very well in railway construction. “You may not know, but we are working,” he said. He added that his government has made a “significant progress” in railway construction. “You should commend us,” he adds.

[What “significant progress” has been made in railway construction? How many Nigerians are working on railway construction with the contract given to Chinese firms?]

• UNILAG name change: The president said what he did, in terms of law, was correct. You change the name first, then send the bill to the National Assembly later, he argues. “What we did, was the normal procedure,” he said.

[No, Mr. Presient, you had it backward. Before you change the name of University of Lagos (UNILAG), you consult with the university and the student body, which you did NOT do.]

• Crude Oil Theft: “The stealing of crude oil is a Nigerian phenomenon,” the president said. He adds that it has gone cancerous. “We will stop it, but it is like allowing a cancerous cell to grow into a major tumor.”

[Mr. President, theft of crude oil is a CRIME, not a “Nigerian phenomenon or a disease afflicting Nigerians. Describing it that way means you are CLUELESS about how to solve it.]

Nigerians should not put up with such mediocrity and should mount a RECALL GEJ campaign.
They should check Chapter VI of their Constitution. See Sections 143 and 144 about removing the President and Vice-President from office other than through elections.

137; 1c: “A person shall not be qualified for election to the office of President if under the law in any part of Nigeria, he is adjudged to be a lunatic or otherwise declared to be of unsound mind.” Link: http://bit.ly/MSxUws ”

Professor Ayittey holds a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Ghana, Legon, an M.A. from the University of Western Ontario in Canada, and a Ph.D. from the University of Manitoba. He has taught at Wayne State College and Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.
He held a National Fellowship at the Hoover Institution in 1988-89, and then joined The Heritage Foundation as a Bradley Resident Scholar.
He founded The Free Africa Foundation in 1993, to serve as a catalyst for reform in Africa.
In 2008 Dr. Ayittey was listed by Foreign Policy as one of the “Top 100 Public Intellectuals” who “are shaping the tenor of our time”. He lives in Lorton, Virginia.
What do you make of his comments? Is Professor Ayittey justified in his criticism of GEJ?

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36 Responses to “Eminent Ghanian Economist: President Jonathan is a Lunatic and Nigerians should follow the Constitution in order to remove him”

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  2. Babson Milan says:

    It is now i bliv it more that “Love is blind” It is a pity that some u purposely restrict ur minds to understand the fact, this ur so-called presdo is incompetence of discharging most of his duties as a presdo, crisis almost every where in the country he only talks no action. Stay there & continue to be blind so that u dont see the failure of ur presdo, hope 1day one of u will not be a victim of one of the crisis.

  3. ikenna says:

    Oh God

  4. Efjay says:

    Prof Please Try To Be Patriotic

    Professor Ayittey is not patriotic, as an African he should have come to Abuja to see our president in Aso Rock before this interview is conducted may be he could have become richer with lorry load of Ghana Must Move Bags of Dollars.
    Look I love Africa, I love Africa, I love Nigeria, I love Abuja, I love I love my President Ride on my friend Your People Needs You You Deserve One Term More Read my lips I no de lae.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I think what the professor is simply saying is this: that Nigeria needs somebody who is emotionally and intellectually sound to be president. What we have now is below standard!

  6. Ayittey is so disrespectful says:

    A big fool has just committed treason against d government of GEJ and all u còuld make of it is fun …a nonsense prof just reduced ur democratically elected President to lunatic and uer happy…Mumu Nigerians supporting the FAGOT who called himself Prof should have a rethink if there is still brain in their skulls.everybody that Judge my presido sentimentally shall be Judged by d Almighty Himself…One mumu is even talking about PDP and Voting,idiot like u,tell me d difference btw PDP and the major Opposition…abeg abeg abeg !show some love for ur country and ur president, he still gat 3 more years down the line.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You know the truth, i know the truth, they know the truth and he also knows the truth but let us keep deceiving ourselves.

  8. Nigerian says:

    Uto nne gi u said ghana is beta dan Nigeria den wat d hel r u stil doin in Nig y don’t u go n become a citizen of ghana.my fellow nigerians,nigeria is d only country we can cal our own let us stop critisn ourselves n pray dat God almight wil save dis country. Wat d man said is true bt he shldn’t hv cald him names.n we r not goin 2 remove gej 4rm his seat we just hv 2 support him.

  9. Alaowei says:

    It’s really annoying for such an ingrate to tung-lash our president in an uncouth & irresponsible manner. Although Nigerian leaders are parasites & bunch of ingrates, a prof who have no manner of approach is nothing but a fool. Am sure he is one of those Africans that lost their African heritage.

  10. oluwagbami says:

    so it has now an international propaganda? ths imbecilious, congenital idiot has the guts 2 call a NIGERIAN president names…… O maa se ooooo. Who the hell granted ths international moron the interview must B traced & charged 4 treason……. Bunch of fools & baboonic profs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Uto nne gi says:

    GEJ is a disease to Nigerians, all the hole PDP ARE THIEF, YES WE CAN IF ONLY WE CAN CAST OUR VOTE AND PROTECT IT, EGYPT DID IT LIBYA DID IT SO IS OUR TURN TO SAY NO TO PDP THE ARE ALL THIEF, everything this man said here is correct, Ghana is better than Nigeria by hundred times, steady light good education good hospital so what again did country need if anybody protecting GLJ THAT PERSON IS AN IDIOT

  12. Ayittey is lunatic says:

    Mumu bigots from nigeria will always b happy with Senseless thing comin from a stupid prof like ayittey…d nonsense prof committed a treason by calling for a change of regime prematurely…stop being sentimental when it comes to things that affect our beloved country! Trust me,all you backbiters will soon be transformed into his praise-singers
    Whether good or bad,GEJ is still d presido of the FRN and u can take that to the bank and cash it.God bless obodo Naija.

  13. Jude says:

    Dat man is just ignorant. As 4 those who think GEJ is not doing well, i agree with u but am sure dat b4 he leaves office U wil sing his praises. Nigerians have sold themselves to d world dats y dat foolish prof wil insult d country’s num 1 and some wil suport him, i pity 4 all of u. At dis momemt, even if God should enter aso rock people wil stil criticise him. So pls solve ur own problem and d nigerian problem wil b solved. Even d parents and family of boko haram may b blaming GEJ cos of their own children, Haba Nigeriana, think twice

  14. Vicmoore says:

    U guys should jst b mindful of abusive words in order nt 2 blow dis whole issue out of proportion.

  15. David says:

    There is nothing eminent about a professor that lacks any modicum of diplomacy, respect and honour for the president of a gr8 country like the FRN. The level of ignorance and shallow mindedness he has displayed makes a caricature of his acclaimed mental prowess. He is truly a foreigner who has little knowledge of the complexities of Nigeria. He needs to apologise to the govt and ple of Nigeria

  16. teammen says:

    u all that is insulting the prof.ayittey,u are fools and a big disgrace u ur families.ur so call president is more than a lunatic,carzy people. i have need seen a useles man like this in my life

  17. Jonathan Pikin says:

    Professor George Ayittey, the professor of ogun primary school,kumasi village.. charley man,you guys are mad because GEJ denied you from stealing from Nigeria.My people, did you know that Ghana has been stealing from Nigeria for long.They all depend on us, and if we tighten their way from stealing from us,they are going to be broke. that what jonathan is doing and they are very angry about it..15years of stealing oil from the country has stop. Professor George Ayittey! if you wanna steal oil go to Saudi Arabia,if they catch you they will cut your yansh… Who give you the right to talk about Nigeria, and you talking about removing my papa from seat. before a man can see road clearly and cleans is neighbor eyes, he need to cleans is eyes first.. you see, you are really an hypocrite.. tell me, what your president has done for Nigeria or Ghana? if you are really a professor! you should have find solution not open ur smelling mouth on US.. NIGERIA REMAINS BLESS. GOD LOVE NIGERIA SO MUCH THAT HE SEND JONATHAN TO US.. Professor George Ayittey, am tired of writting becos i have been reading since morning.. if you wanna call me this my num +1 321 400 8615.

  18. Nasir says:

    Let us call a spade a spade, i don’t think any word or adjective can be too much to address GEJ’s level of insanity; he is truly a lunatic

    • Segzydee says:

      @Nasir, since you do not see any wrong in abusing the president, i am sure you are more than a LUNATIC. That in my opinion, is calling a spade a spade.

  19. Mansur jikamshi says:

    What prof.Ayittey said was true about Gej deformity.But on complition of the utterance,he went to far for calling a lunatic,and incompetent,moreso never a lunatic in the whole world become an elected president.mr prof.go on with spreading message of truth,but mind your interperitations.

  20. Anonymous says:

    u dont have respect for own personality by calling our president a lunatic, u are more than a lunatic

  21. Nelson Egware says:

    Prof. Ayittey was right about the incompetence of GEJ but he should not call him a lunatic. For those abusing the Prof, they are all exhibiting their ignorance otherwise how can you justify a President who has vehemently refused to declare his asset when the code of conduct demands that. How can we support a president who is not doing enough to tackle corruption and whose policies are always anti people. He has not fulfilled 10percent of his electoral promises.

  22. deremson says:

    In as much as mr ghanian prof’s got some points, I see him as ‘mad’ to av said d bulk of wat he uttered.
    He is not a Nigerian & has no right to av tongue-lashed GEJ in such an unbriddled manner.

    Mr president’s personally failed me & every Nigerian. The bottom line’s dat he was never prepared for terrorism.
    My suggestion sir, as this’ wat I’ll do if I were to be in ur shoes. I would take a bow, apologise to my citizens for failing them & allow Nigerians choose a competent leader.
    This’ is a lesson to all Nigerians. ‘never let ur emotions take u on a ride, ever again’
    I’m guilty, we’re all guilty. Everyone that voted for GEJ is guilty.

    Let’s give him a month after which , if he still fails to get his rythyme, let us raise our voices & call him out of Aso Rock..

    Nigeria is more dan wat our present leaders are making of it.
    Majority of them are clueless of what it takes to be a leader. Don’t be surprised if most can’t define leadership.
    A lot more are there for the most wrong reasons.

  23. ghanamustgo says:

    @ayittey is jst trying to make a name for himself. He wants us to start rioting and burning tyres. And then as they whole is watching us we would be proclaiming dat our president is insane. Let us not forget the implication of this ” in a country of blind people the one-eyed man leads the rest”. So @ayitteh is jst trying to tell us dat we are all lunatics and dat we elected a ‘semi-lunatic’ to show us d way.

  24. robert clarke says:

    that prof is as ignorant as he describes my president! he is the lunatic that needs his professorship recalled. Does he have a idea of Nigerians and Nigeria have been through, and the dynamism of the politics in Nigeria and why she has not resulted to war like other African countries? a state in Nigeria is the whole of Ghana. so they have the modules to stand to correct Nigeria! this is change of order!

  25. Abubakar s B says:

    Prof ayittey have spoken the mind of the Nigerians and kudos to you sir.Nigeria is in the state of governance by a clueless president,the country have ever produce,a president who don’t kno what to do and were to start.@ghanamustgo even gej our president is not fit to face interlectual people lyk ayittey,because I see u lack manners.

    • Tunde says:

      @Abubakar, Ayittey did speak the mind of ill-mannered Nigerians. It is easy to criticize than building. How many times had he suggest to GEJ if he has anyone? What had he done to his country to make it better from the challenges? Every country has her own peculiar problems even America. a lot of critics have useless Obama’s government. We dont need to wash our dirty linen outside, we need to continue praying that God will give our president wisdom to rule and that God lead him to the right direction. please let us mind ourselves in nation building and NOT destructive criticism of that Prof. God bless Nigeria, my beloved country. the only COUNTRY in the world i can call my own.

      • Maro says:

        Tunde,the may have spoken the mind of many Nigerians but,he was too critical because such statements could foment trouble.I think he should have given his own opinion instead of being confrontational,Ghana has its own problems so also,other developed nations.I love your reply and comment.Nigeria is the only country we can truly call our own,in any other country we will be second class citizens no matter the level of civilization or development.Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria,the most populous black nation in the world.

  26. Woni says:

    What Ayittey has said may b tru, but he is not in any position to make such criticisms. The fact is that Ghana still has its own problems has he made such a statement as this about his country? This statement shows d frivolousness of his brain, and d avariciousness of his heart. Ayittey, neva u open ur mouth and blabber such arrant cacophony.

    • Nasir says:

      whether Ayittey is in position to judge the president or not is another issue entirely, the fact remains that to judge the president form his activities since ascendancy into the throne and the media interview he is nothing but a numskull; the fact that Ghana also has its internal deficiency should not hinder Ghanian’s perception of assessments, and if there is anybody to visit a psychiatrist it should be you and the president

  27. Ghanamustgo says:

    if it has come to the time when an ignoramus such as Ayittey will be writting shit about my president then it means there is something wrong. Nowadays self-proclaimed profs ‘cowards’ have discovered dat twitter is a safe avenue to wield their f***king tongues. @ayittey do you really think any Nigerian care a f**k about wat you think in dat minature brain of yours?

    • Nasir says:

      Does it matter the medium of communication? the most important thing is being expressive and meticulous, professor Ayittey is spot on and on point. who the hell are you Ghanamustgo to question his intellectual integrity? i think you need a psychiatrist to reexamine your brain as much as president Jonathan needs

    • BlackPanther says:

      U re a fucking piece of shit!!! Did u see Dr Ayittey’s CV. The man is an institution! Open ur eyes and learn a thing or two to be able to clear ur head of the saw dust u have there. This is not about patriotism, infact if u are a patriotic Nigerian you would have seen reason with the Dr. Nigerians are laid back people and u re on top of that list. OPEN UR EYES MUMU!!!


    • Nigerian says:

      I agree wit.he hs no rit 2 say dat.he shld face his country n leave us 2 handle our shit

    • True Nigerian says:

      Ghanamustgo, yes some of. Us Nigerians do care. At least the sensible ones. GEJ is really Nigeria,s biggest joke and I agree totally wit Prof. Thombs up Prof.

  28. kola says:

    the statement GEJ made means he is a dummy put in the presidency to disguise as the president.i cant imagine who we call our president makng such statement in the media.Nigerians we have to wake up to the ocassion and do the right thing.


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