Christian Group Claim Buhari is the cause of the recent Violence in Kaduna

Violence in Kaduna State, Nigeria
A group of Northern Christians called have blamed the recent spate of violence in Kaduna on the recent utterances of Muhammadu Buhari which they branded as inciteful. Buhari, the CPC presidential candidate in last year’s election has been caught up in controversial statements of late. CHAIN released the statement below,

“Christian Awareness Initiative of Nigeria (CHAIN) is very concerned that Muhammadu Buhari, a resident of Kaduna city in Kaduna state has kept a loud silence in view of the series of bloody suicide attacks that greeted five churches in Kaduna this past weekend. Our concern is all the more heightened given the fact that Muhammadu Buhari was very vociferous in calling for bloodshed only a few weeks ago and when bloodshed arrived at his door steps he has chosen to keep quiet.

It would be recalled that when Buhari made his call for bloodshed between “dogs” and “baboons”, Christian Awareness Initiative of Nigeria (CHAIN) warned that his comments were capable of inciting violence from sleeper cells who were waiting for his commands to strike.

At that time we had warned in a widely publicized statement carried in most Nigerian papers that “Buhari should not turn the current war on terror to a North versus South affair. When Buhari says that “Since the leaders now don’t listen to anybody but do whatever they wish, there is nothing the north can do”

We call on Nigerians to recall those words of Buhari and note how those words have incited the recent events in Kaduna. But perhaps more damning is Buhari’s loud silence when all around him in Kaduna extremists are fulfilling his prophecy. Does Buhari’s silence mean consent?

We wish to state that we believe that there is a direct link between the inciting rhetoric of Buhari and the recent unpsurge of violence. Furthermore, we call on Nigerians to ask themselves the following questions;

When was the last time that Buhari condemned Boko Haram or any of their attacks?

Who are those calling for the Federal Government to dialogue with Boko Haram?

When Nigerians have objectively answered the above questions, they will find that Buhari and his political party and close associates habitually keep a loud silence when it comes to condemning Boko Haram, but are most vociferous when it comes to calling for dialogue with Boko Haram. Need we say more? Nigerians should read between the lines.

Nigerians may want to cast their minds back to only a week ago when Buhari who only a few days before was using the Dana Crash to score political points travelled to Kano to celebrate and felicitate with the CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, on his turbanning as Dan Majen Kano, just five days after the crash which threw the whole nation into mourning.

Buhari’s comments on Shari’a just before the Shari’a riots in Kaduna in 2000 stoked the flames that ended up claiming over 2000 lives, his comments to Muslims to vote only Muslim candidates in 2003 polarized Nigeria and led to mutual distrust during the 2003 elections, his comments on lynching people stoked the post election violence that swept Northern Nigeria after the 2011 elections and finally his “dog” and “baboon….soaked in blood” rhetoric incited the recent violence in Kaduna just as the comments of Hutu politicians calling Tutsis “cockroaches” led to the ethnic cleansing that claimed 2 Million lives in Rwanda.

A slave who sees his fellow slave being buried in a shallow grave should know that he will be so buried when his own time comes if he does not escape. If Nigerians think Buhari’s comments cannot lead to ethnic cleansing then they should be reminded of the recent statement by an Italian minister that what is happening in Northern Nigeria is ethnic and religious cleansing.

Pastor Caleb Ma’aji
National Coodinator,
Christian Awareness Initiative of Nigeria (CHAIN)

Culled from a Nigerian news website, Naija Pundit

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28 Responses to “Christian Group Claim Buhari is the cause of the recent Violence in Kaduna”

  1. I really hold Buhari in high esteem because he has the interest of the nation at heart. If the utterance accredited to him that in the event of any rigging by power of imcumbency come 2015 'both baboon and dog will be soaked in blood'. is true... says:

  2. What will be our gain if we continue to distroy our nation just for personal gains. says:

  3. if we continue to mix politics with religion, l don't think Nigeria will survive as an entity.Let's beware of politicians that use religion to polarise the nation for political gains. says:

  4. A. U. Danbakaba says:

    Estiba, it’s believed dt an insult of any kind left no sign on one’s body, so go ahead wid ur torent of insult, it only justifies a saying in my languege dt “he who has what 2 say fight not”.

  5. musty says:

    i am a muslim mi political party is PDP, i voted all PDP candidates incldng mr GEJ,a crstian,many pastors preched in d church dat a vote for any muslm such crstian is an unbeliever.pls let peace reing in nigeria.

  6. Big daddy says:

    EStiba pls calm down, I belief we are just sharing our mind for a better Nigeria, why using harsh word on some one is not fair to call some one a Big full, pls let’s b matured I belive we are all genrtle men!

  7. Panaf S.Adebayo-Onisile(JP) says:

    Pastor Caleb, ur above blasphemous comment on Gen.Buhari is more inciting than d purported ulterances of d General. Most of Buhari’s statement were quoted frm radio interview aired on Hausa service of d BBC, it is obvious dat whatever Buhari says in hausa language cannot b accurately interpreted into english language dia4 d statement crdtd 2 him abt “d dogs and d baboons” is hausa proverb. Pastor Caleb suld stop makin issues out of non issue. I can smell politics in Pastor Caleb’s allegatns against Buhari

  8. Comrade Adeleke Musiliu Owolabi. says:

    Why Most Nigerians Keep MIS-QUOTING Gen. Muhd Buhari?
    Why Do We Play POLITICS With RELIGION In This Country? I Think, This Is Where Our Problems Foundated In This Country!
    What Gen. Buhari Has Been Saying, Can Be Likened To What, Late Pa. Chief Obafemi Awolowo (RIP) Said Years Back That: “Nigerians Would FIGHT For Themselves”. Of Course, We Cant Fold Our Arms And Allow Some Wicked Leaders Ruining Our Future For Us.
    All What Gen Buhari Said Can NOT Be Used As Yardstick To Seduce Devilish Boko Haramists To Keep Attacking People.
    In 1983: Those Who Know The Story, Could Tell Others: How Buhari Flushed- Mai-Tai-Sini Group, Who Were Even More Deadly Than This Current Boko Haram.

    GOD Bless Nigeria, Ameen.

  9. Estiba says:

    A U u r on your own. keep reading branded lies and talk naively BIG FOOL . y wount u let God judge and figth for himself

  10. A. U. Danbakaba says:

    While Estiba, u can say wotever u like in dfence of d devilish acts commited by some so clld church goers. It’s only an ill in4md fellow like u even among d christains dt will be irrationally decieved by ur polemically motivated reply 2 d ‘gospel proves’ which’s obviously aimd @ avading ppl 4r d real facts. I suggest u review ur past. It’s on record dt christianity as false as it’s contributed d worsed bloodshade in d wrld history. Actually d concept of ‘holy war’ or crusade as it’s now lebeled 2 Islam, is traceble 2 christianity.

  11. Anonymous says:

    While Estiba, u can say wotever u like in dfence of d devilish acts commited by some so clld church goers. It’s only an ill in4md fellow like u even among d christains dt will be irrationally decieved by ur polemically motivated reply 2 d ‘gospel proves’ which’s obviously aimd @ avading ppl 4r d real facts. I suggest u review ur past. It’s on record dt christianity as false as it’s contributed d worsed bloodshade in d wrld history. Actually d concept of ‘holy war’ or crusade as it’s now lebeled 2 Islam, is traceble 2 christianity.

  12. Estiba says:

    Gogarma pls verify all your statments most of them are ficticious, incomplete or baised espcially dat your infor comes from newspapers eg d police in gombe never caught dat guy wit guns an explosive in a vehicle as reported but wit just a gun in his car. dat is a common tin to all politicians and businesmen inrepective of their religion
    2.our stadium was never bombed but rather d police station
    3. D report of d deeper life bombing was never made public and no arrests were made
    4.Wat happened ws not in miya but miyan barkate they have two diffrent location, dat infor ws very wrong infact d cocin president threaten to take d police to court for deformation of xter of his church .d youths of d church had just misunderstanding no weapons were found no IED found they shuld have paraded these youths wit d weapons if it were thru.
    All am sayin half information is dangerous. muslems have done worst thins. have u watched the massacares at jos villages u need to see mass graves.
    Two wrongs do not make a right, just give place a chance

  13. John says:

    This honourable man has nothing with bomb blast in 9ja. Let us stop sectionalism,tribalism and comfront this challanges.

  14. Baba Abba Misau says:

    Whether Caleb Ma’aji likes it or not, Christians were behind all Church bombings in the north.

  15. turex says:

    Pastor, pls if u dnt knw wat 2 say shotup ur trap b4 thunder fire

  16. Christian Ighor says:

    Anyway, this is a way of calling for Gen Buhari to help but I don’t buy the idea of using our Christianity politically to tarnish the reputation of an honest man but it will start to make us look like jokes besides it makes us not to focus on the real issues. In addition, we shouldn’t expect this man since BH don’t respect anyone plus the man has to play cautiously so as not to be blamed for it. May we have peace in our country

  17. This is enough reason to tel us that the boko haram issue is purely a CAN politica agenda against Muslims. Allah yafiku

  18. blessing says:

    Even if your grandmother dies in the village you will also like to blame Buhari(what an obsession).

  19. gogarma says:

    (1.) The reported arrest of the suspects that sprayed bullets on the Gombe Deeper Life Church worshippers of which the suspects arrested were alleged to be Igbos. Keen observers would remember that “Boko Haram” claimed responsibility for that attack. Noteworthy also is the fact that the arrested suspects were moved from Gombe to Abuja and since then nothing has been heard about them.

    (2.) Shortly after the Gombe Deeper Life Church massacre, following quickly also after the Gombe township bombing fiesta two men, named Hassan Ojudu and Samaila Yakubu, all of them Christians, were arrested in the same Gombe town with a vehicle loaded with explosive devices and ammunitions. If they were part of those who did the bombing fiesta Christians should note that “Boko Haram” also claimed responsibility, and if they were not a part of the bombing fiesta be assured that if they had not been arrested and they succeeded in using their own merchandise “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility. Curiously, since they were moved to Abuja nothing has been heard about them.

    (3.) If the eight COCIN church members arrested with explosive devices at the Miya Barkatai branch of the church in Bauchi State had succeeded in detonating what they were arrested with, be assured “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility and since the village is near Jos, Plateau State some brainwashed youths with hearts filled with hate would begin to pounce on any available Hausa/Fulani on sight for revenge.

    (4.) If Miss Lydia Joseph had succeeded in burning down the St. John Catholic church in Bauchi city be assured it would have been attributed to Boko Haram or to Muslims.

    (5.) If Emmanuel King, the guy who disguised as a Muslim wearing a turban and kaftan, had succeeded in bombing down the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Yenagoa the Bayelsa capital “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility, and the intended desire for reprisal would have further brought the real desire, which is polarization. It doesn’t matter whether the guy is sane or insane as he was later touted to be. Also, possibly in further pursuit of this polarization agenda some persons were reported to have burnt down a worship centre of the Church of God Mission International in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital as reported by the LEADERSHIP newspaper of Sunday, January 15, 2012 on page 9. Who did it may not be known now, but there is the possibility it could have been meant to trigger some kind of attacks against some undesirable elements with the added benefit of maintaining a national division.

    (6.) If Madam Ruth had succeeded in bombing down the ECWA church in the Kalarin area of Kaltungo in Gombe State verily, verily I say unto thee “Boko Haram” would have claimed responsibility notwithstanding whether she was hypnotized or not as some may want to claim.

    (7.) After the COCIN church headquarters bombing in Jos, defense authorities issued a statement disclaiming the man lynched while trying to escape from the vicinity as not a soldier, whereas the man was wearing military uniform and was later identified as a member of the church. To lend credence to this possibility the Special Task Force (STF) on security in Jos on Sunday, March 25, 2012 paraded one Mr. Alex Danladi who was caught wearing army camouflage T-shirt, cap and boot while parading himself as a soldier. He was paraded alongside one Mr. Dung Bulus, a suspected fabricator of guns and some others whom the authorities said are students of the University of Jos. Also on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 the 2 Brigade, Nigeria Army, Bori Camp, Port Harcourt paraded one Abba Ibrahim allegedly caught with military uniforms and other gear including weeds suspected to be cannabis. He was said to be a dismissed military personnel and hails from Billiri, a predominantly Christian town in Gombe State and that at the time of his arrest he was standing trial for another case of impersonation (see THE NATION newspaper of Wednesday, March 28, 2012 page 57). Now, for a fee wouldn’t this Alex Danladi, donning his military gear, ask some persons manning some church entrance to open the gates and some paid murderers would drive in and detonate their bomb laden car? Or wouldn’t this Abba Ibrahim do the same for money?

    (8.) On January 11, 2012 two Nigerians named, Sunday Eze from Anambra State and Samuel Taiwo from Ogun State and some three Ghanaians were arrested in Ghana with some heavy weaponry carefully concealed in a truck, which was to be brought to Nigeria. Opposing bail for the suspects in court on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 the Office of the Attorney-General of the Republic of Ghana said “the arms and ammunitions seized on transit to Nigeria were to be used to fuel terrorists’ activities in the country.” See the DAILY TRUST newspaper of Wednesday, March 28, 2012 page 3. These Nigerian suspects are from southern Nigeria and bear Christian names. So, on whose behalf were they bringing in those arms of which the Ghanaian authorities said were to be used for terrorism in Nigeria? And which terror group do they belong to?

    (9.) On Tuesday, April 10, 2012 a 38 years old man named Monday Davou was arrested while planting a timed Improvised Explosive Device (IED) or time bomb, if you like, at the Makera weekly market in Riyom Local Government Area, Plateau State. This was with intent to commit mass murder, for that is what planting a bomb in a market will do. Now if Monday Davou’s bomb had exploded be sure that a “Boko Haram” spokesperson will have claimed responsibility and even before the statement of claim comes Monday Davou’s kinsmen would have launched “reprisal attacks” on any person that looked like Hausa/Fulani and their properties, and would have probably roasted some of the Hausa/Fulanis and eaten them like they did sometime in 2011.

    (10.) The DAILY SUN newspaper of Monday, February 20, 2012 on page 12 reported the arrest in Akure, Ondo State of a gang of five armed robbers led by one Evangelist Wale Adelu, “an evangelist of one of the old generation churches, which has branches in the state capital…..and they were said to be meeting in his church before they proceeded on any robbery operation.” Wouldn’t this “evangelist” and his gang agree to bomb churches for a good fee?

    (11.) Similarly, the SATURDAY SUN newspaper of Saturday, March 10, 2012 on page 10 reported that 11 cartons of explosives imported from South Africa and “carefully packaged to beat security checks” were intercepted by the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. The consignments were said to be for “Miero Marble Granite and Stones Limited in Kaduna State, with one Mr. Michael Awara Ernest as the representative to collect the explosives at the cargo terminal.” The Customs Area Controller in charge of the airport, Mr. Charles Eporwei Edike while parading the suspect said “If these items were released to him, they could have been used to cause mayhem; we are now going to hand him and the items over to the police for further investigations.” Well, since the handover to the police nothing has been heard about it again. And let the Muslims bearing Michael Awara Ernest step forward to the nearest police post for proper identification and documentation, please.

    (12.) The THISDAY newspaper of Friday, January 13, 2012 on page 6 culled a news report from the BBC in which a British-based arms dealer, Gary Hyde was being prosecuted in a London court for unlawfully arranging the shipment of about 80,000 guns and 32 million rounds of ammunition from China to Nigeria in 2007. But, the big question is, to whom did he make his shipment? To Muslim radicals or to some church going criminals?

    (13.) On Sunday, February 19, 2012 four persons were arrested while trying to detonate explosives at the St. Theresa’s Catholic Parish, High-level in Makurdi the Benue State capital. The LEADERSHIP newspaper of Wednesday, February 22, 2012 on page 10 reported the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the state’s command, Mr. Alaribe Ejike as saying those four persons arrested were Christians and not Boko Haram members as speculated by members of the public. He said “We are still trying to find out certain things about them, but we have not confirmed whether they are Boko Haram members. It remains one thing, and as soon as we find out, we shall inform you accordingly.” Up till now nothing has been heard from the police. But, poor Alaribe Ejike may not have known that there is a “Boko Haram” with members possibly cutting across religious lines impersonating Boko Haram for some people’s strategic interests.

    These few examples are possible involvements of Christians in betraying the church and Christians and the nation.

    • Gogarma II says:

      In addition to what you hv said, in my own State i.e Bauchi State; Bomb hv blastd wit one Christian along Gombe Road near FGGC. He said dat their ar 13 in number d came from Adamawa State to exicute d Mission. Bt d rest already spread inside d City of d State. Your mission (9ja Christians) will nt b accomplish insha Allah, Allah promised to protect His Religion anyway. . .

    • Hassan Ahmad says:

      Attention!!! Muslims and christians lets face d fact this is religious but politics, gogarma has mentioned evrytin lets unite ourselves and chase these bad eggs. A true muslim will never set bomb in churches as u’r claiming.

  20. gogarma says:

    Haba CHAIN. Why do you want blame Buhari for your own evil? Do you forgeten what the CAN President tell all the Christians of this nation, that they should come out and kill any Muslim they can lay their hand on? If you forget so soon we did’n. CAN leadership is the mastermind of the mayhem that is going on in the North. Allah will expose all of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Religious leader re know to be respectful, honest nd above all truthful nd lead to carry pple along in terms of hard times nd difficulties. Bt as for u capital zero i will pls advise u as an elder to eitheir go nd sleep if u knw u re less busy than menstrating nonsense out of ur wide bucal cavity. Nd complicating issue.

  21. Ken says:

    As long as we keep looking the wrong direction the war against boko haram will be hard to win. The same Christians who questioned the total withdrawal of security personnel operating at the area a day before the bombing without replacing them is now blaming it on Buhari as if he is the commander in chief controlling the security apparatus. No wonder their prayers for the nation are not working. You cannot be dishing out falsehood and expect God to listen and answer your prayers. Very soon Gen. Buhari will be responsible for the quarrel between husbands and wives perhaps resulting from a cut in household allowance necessitated by subsidy removal. God please have mercy o!

  22. Sadiq says:

    I feel ashamed when so called religious leader open their mouths 2 talk trash,get a person learned in Hausa 2 translate what Buhari said & stop peddling lies &rumours. Nigeria belongs 2 us all.

  23. Abuba says:

    Pastor caleb maaji u are just insulting innocent(buhari) in order to achieve ur aim. Pls this is not a sign of a leader like u, pls correct urself

  24. Monica says:

    I held buhari in high regard bt av neva bn com4table wd most inciting comments he makes.He was a head of state 4 gudness’ sakes.Pple evn worship him dt is enough reason 2 weigh his words.Ds leadership is frm God oh!


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