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Breaking News: At least 24 dead, 125 wounded in Kaduna violence – Daily Trust

Daily Trust has confirmed that at least 13 people lost their lives in the bomb attacks on three churches in Kaduna this morning.

In addition, about 11 others have been killed in reprisal attacks across the town.

According to Dr. Taylor Adeyemi, the acting Chief Medical Director of St. Luke’s hospital in Wusasa, 40 victims, mostly children were brought into their hospital follwoing the blast at ECWA in Wusasa. Of this number, three were dead on arrival.

From the blast at the Christ the King Cathedral at No. 80 Yoruba street Daily Trust confirmed 10 dead and over 50 injured. Daily Trust is yet to get details of the casualties from the Trikania attack.

Three churches were attacked this morning by suicide bombers in Kaduna. One went off at the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) church, Wusasa and another at the Christ the King Cathedral Catholic church at No. 80, Yoruba Street, Sabon Gari, Zaria, just behind the Army Depot, Zaria where all Nigerian soldiers receive their basic training. The third church, Shalom Church at Trikania close to Abuja Fly over and extile Labour house, was hit by multiple explosions around 10:17am.

Also, about 35 victims of the reprisal attacks that followed the bombing have been taken to St. Gerard’s Hospital within the metropolis according to the hospitals public relations officer. Seven of them were dead on arrival, burnt by their presumed assailants.

The explosions sparked violence in Kaduna as christian youths retaliated, moving around with cutlasses and sticks among other weapons. Sources say the youths burnt a mosque at Television area and another at Goningora was broken into and vandalised in retaliation for the attacks on the three churches.

Men of Operation Yaki are said to have taken charge of the situation, especially around Goningora which is along the Abuja-Kaduna expressway and where Christian youths were beginning to get violent. An eyewitness told Daily Trust he saw four dead bodies near the Goningora mosque. Other trouble spots so far identified are Sabo, Trikania, Television area, Tudun Wada and Unguwan Rimi.

Road blocks have been set up at strategic areas and traffic along the expressway has been halted. Other areas of Kaduna metropolis are experiencing an uneasy calm.

The Abuja-Kaduna expressway links many states in the North to Abuja.

15 Responses to “Breaking News: At least 24 dead, 125 wounded in Kaduna violence – Daily Trust”

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  2. Siyya says:

    This violence will nt born an eye-child wooo! Word is enough 4 d wise!!

  3. Killing ourselfs we not change the situation now is better for us to dialoge and solve the problem for the other guy that sayed christian burnt musilim doing their jumat prayer is practical lie so stop increaseing the violence but any child that sayed his says:

    Killing ourselfs is not the solution to our problem.

  4. oh people up nigeaian u always pery my cauntry.

  5. Y.I.NAS says:

    Oh!nigeria people why are we use bad word 2 our brothers,bcus all of us are brothers 2 each cus we are in the same home means country there4 we should take not about exchanging bad words within ourself.

  6. God ALMIGHTY says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Muslim have no heart at all, wat they want is to eat humans flesh is just nt fear. I pray dat nemesis will catch up with d muslim one day.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ngamatoni katum ngabawadi

  10. Anonymous says:

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  11. Gabriel says:

    I am suprise 2 hear said and zainul talk the way they deed we ve never heard any christian blasting people during jumaat prayer and I pray they should nt .

  12. Shokan says:

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