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Lawan And Emenalo Pocketed Over N11billion…Gombe Gov Paid To Be Cleared – Point Blank News

Fresh facts have revealed that the embattled chairman, House adhoc committee on subsidy regime, Farouk Lawan and his secretary, Bernard Emenalo, picked up no less than N11 Billion from a handful of rogue oil marketers who wanted their names out of the list of subsidy thieves.

He and Emenalo had allegedly requested $3 Million from Zenon Oil alone.
It was also learnt that Gombe Governor, and former Accountant General, Ibrahim Dankwabo, who was cleared by the committee under controversial circumstances, paid the committee some princely sum .

At that hearing, where the report was considered, Honorable Robinson Uwak was over ruled by Deputy speaker, Emeka Ihedioha, presiding, when he (Uwak), expressed shock at the exclusion of Petroleum minister, Deziani Madueke, and Dankwabo from the list. sources hinted that the Justice ministry was not excited about those indicted by Lawan’s report because the rumor was already rife in high places that some marketers were wrongfully indicted while some guilty ones have varnished.

Attorney General, Bello Adoke who described the report as ‘fact finding’, our source said, may have been vindicated by the accusations and counter accusations. Adoke had insisted the report was not cut and dry.

He had said “Nevertheless, when the report and accompanying resolutions are received, the relevant law enforcement and anti-corruption agencies will commence the tedious process of sieving through the report, with a view to assembling all the essential ingredients required to sustain criminal charges that may be filed as a result of such investigations”

Sources also hinted that Lawan and Emenalo did not actually keep the leadership of the House, some chairman and key members in the dark as rogue marketers paid up.

Financial crime chairman, Jagaba who Lawan said received a letter from him on April 24 at 347 am, same day he said Otedola gave him the $600,000, and Ihedioha were alleged to be in the know. sources hinted that agents of Madueke, and Dankwanbo paid huge cash for their clearance.

On Dankwabo, Lawan simply explained to the House that the Central Bank of Nigeria told him that it was the PPPRA which paid the N999 Million 28 times in twenty four hours, and not Dankwabo. learnt that some of the companies paid up because the amounts demanded by Lawan were chick feed compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars they were expected to refund.

Last week, Femi Otedola alleged that Lawan confirmed to him that several other companies were paying up.

Irrespective of the clarification made at the hearing, Otedola said Lawan still approached him a few days before the report was to be tabled on April 18, 2012 before the House of Representatives, demanding money so that Zenon’s name will be kept out of the report.

Otedola said “When this happened, I was very angry and reminded him that Zenon has never participated in the subsidy scheme and that it would be criminal to rope in the company for something it did not do.

But Lawan responded, stating that several other marketers were playing ball and had offered the members of the committee large sums of money to ensure that their companies’ names were not published in the report,”

The House committee indicted 18 companies that did not appear before it and asked them to refund a whooping N41 Billion.

They are Mobil Oil Nigeria allotted the highest share of N15 billion. Somerset is being asked to refund N3.1 billion; while AS Nigeria Limited is being asked to refund.1.5 billion.

Others include Techno Oil (N1.1 billion); Oil Bath (N1.1 billion); Muthaff (N1.2 billion); Stonebridge (N1.8 billion); Petrotrade (N1.5 billion); Lucky Energy (N1.7billion); Rocky Energy (N1.7billion); Lotto Oil (N1.5 billion) and Prudent Energy (N1.4 billion). learnt that the committee tried to blackmail the above listed companies unless they paid up. It is instructive to note that two days before the alleged $600,000 exchanged hands between Otedola and Lawan, the 14 marketers whose names were on the committee’s list threatened to seek redress in court.

Mike Ozekhome who represents two of the firms said his clients would seek punitive damage.

Some of the big ones are Femi Otedola’s Zenon Oil, N233 Billion; Oando owned by Wale Tinubu, N228 Billion; Mike Adenuga’s Conoil, N37 Billion; MRS, N225 Billion; and Folawiyo Oil, N113 Billion. also gathered that just as Lawan allegedly told Otedola, the plot was to remove names as payments were made. Said our source “The report was dead on arrival. The plot was to ask for a fraction of how much you stole, you pay up and all will be well”

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