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SENATE Approval: UNILAG Officially changed to Moshood Abiola University

Students protesting the change of name from UNILAG to Moshhood Abiola University as announced by President Goodluck Jonathan on May 29, 2012

Against public opinion and massive criticisms, the Nigerian Senate has approved the renaming of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) to the Moshood Abiola University (MAU).

In a report gathered by Ascology News from a reliable source, the Senate approved the renaming bill which was sent earlier in the week by President Goodluck Jonathan to bypass any embarrassing rejection of the name-change in what many Nigerians saw as illegal and unconstitutional even with some supporters of the renaming calling it as ill-timed or politically motivated.

A reliable source who spoke to Ascology News on condition of anonymity, said although The Nigerian Senate is on recess, the bill had been passed without delay but the Senate will make it publicly known after its members return from recess.

Other institutions that were renamed in the same bill sent to the Senate were the Federal University of Technology Umudike which was renamed to the Michael Okpara University, Umudike and the Federal Univeristy of Technology, Yola renamed to the Modibbo Adamawa University.

A law suit had been filed by students of the tertiary institution asking that the name-change was unconstitutional as it initially was done without parliamentary approval.

A hearing date for the matter has not been fixed by the Court.
Culled from Ascology News
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5 Responses to “SENATE Approval: UNILAG Officially changed to Moshood Abiola University”

  1. Princess says:

    I can’t believe that after all the protests from students and well-meaning nigerians the Senate still went on to approve the bill. That means the students have been made two waste two-weeks of their lives because of some politically drunk leaders. I thought the job of the Senate was to make decisions according to what the masses want. How many of them left their seats in Abuja to inquire from their people what they want? This process is totally unconstitutional because the name had been changed before the bill was passed. I am a student of Unilag and I totally disagree with this new development. Shame on the National Assemby!

  2. Why impose an unpopular view on the university students; its totally unnecessary.

  3. Chioma says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The F.G have never listened to we the youths

  4. adekunle kehinde says:

    Dis jonathan’s political ambition is dead already.imagine, abiola is from ogun state, he’s political aspirant, he as already has polythecnic and stadium name after him in abeokuta, are dis not enough?if they know they stil want his memory to lives on why they dont name aso rock after him perhaps he contested for election before he died not for education aspirant.i’m really bored, dis jonathan administration is extremely woeful.from removal of fuel subsidy to increase in electric tariff, now changing names of universities.GOD deliver us from dis democratic government dat is practising craziness.

  5. KAYBANMS says:

    What happens if the Federal Government refuses to revert to UNILAG?

    The Federal Government can’t refuse. We are starting a legal process, this university has produced 120,000 graduates, we have friends in other universities who are against the government’s decision. This government belongs to all of us so it can’t impose an unpopular decision on us, we have friends outside Nigeria, we have friends in the academic community, we will also go through the National Assembly because we know that government cannot unilaterally change the name of the university because it was established by an Act of Parliament. If the National Assembly disappoints us, we will go through a referendum and I learnt we would need about 50,000 signatures. Our friends in and outside the country will support us. We know we would have the required signatures to upturn any unpleasant decision. That is the beauty of democracy. Democracy is good, it gives you the opportunity to challenge government’s decision.


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