Message from Nigerians Saving Nigerians to President Goodluck Jonathan

By Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

President of the United States of America, Barack Obama (left) and President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan (right)
The Spokesman of the Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo Asari led Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Front (NDPSF), Comrade Rex Anighoro, released the statement below,
“If you were to stand before Mr. President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in a week and you are to address him for ten (10) minutes on the State of the Nation, making recommendations to him………
What are the five most important things you would insist to see done within the next six months as a basis for your continued support?”

Nigerians Saving Nigerians, as an Organization advocating for the sustainable development of Nigeria, naturally responded to this hypothetical circumstance by making the statement below,

“Nigerians Saving Nigerians would like to issue this statement with the sole purpose of clarifying certain misconceptions about the vision and mission of the organization. As clearly stated on the organization’s website, we are an advocacy group for democratic ideals. Nigerians Saving Nigerians is not against the Federal Government of Nigeria. What we seek is to foster an enviroment where democratic values and the rule of law are upheld.
We would like to use this opportunity to call on the President to take decisive action on the various challenges present in our nation. Ironically in this case we call on him not to tackle the problems but to appeal to the conscience of the crop of unpatriotic Nigerians who are profiteering from the current breakdown of infrastructure of our nation.
One thing the elite and a considerable portion of those who have access to the resources of the country fail to realize is that the current state of the country is unsustainable. This state where public officials amass small islands of wealth surrounded by the quicksand of poverty; a situation where such monies are stashed away and not used to build infrastructure, create jobs, and create wealth is unsustainable and unacceptable: and as more and more people get into public and political office and the trend continues we will soon find ourselves in a state where the norm is pervasive lawlessness and lawfulness is abnormal, if it is not already happening.
This is why the issue of Power has to be solved, this is why the President should have the boldness to confront the issues at hand because if he does not Nigeria is headed for a situation where even the so called political elite will have no country to call its own.
We call on the conscience of the PDP Government to consider the direction that the recent events are going. We cannot continue to take palliative measures, what we need is a cure that cures the problem once and for all.
We understand sustainable nation building efforts takes time to materialize, one of the pressing immediate needs of Nigeria is for the Federal Government of Nigeria headed by President Goodluck Jonathan to order that internal control systems to fight corruption be set up across the gigantic Federal Government of Nigeria and also inspire other levels of Government and stakeholders in the system by communicating effectively the need for corruption to be stifled in Nigeria.
If most Nigerians can live with pervasive corruption and still not benefit much, most Nigerians can also live without corruption even if it may be an initial strain on some provided Nigerian leaders also demonstrate their willingness not to be corrupt.
Arguably, most Nigerians feel they are being cheated by Government Officials who are supposed to be serving them.

Oluseun Badejo,
Nigerians Saving Nigerians”

This is a link to a discussion from Nigerians across the world and People of goodwill from other countries in response to this hypothetical question.
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6 Responses to “Message from Nigerians Saving Nigerians to President Goodluck Jonathan”

  1. says:

    Love might be the primarily rational in addition to great answer to the problem of peoples lifespan.

  2. says:

    Your buddy might not be a buddy, yet , a buddy can be an buddy.

  3. Nigeria should start making changes in order to be better

  4. Said Salla says:

    In Nigeria, when you told a leader or clique of leader a truth, they’ll just jump to conclude that, you’re opposition! They don’t even look at what you said, the time you said it, and what is worthy considering. This govt is full of arrogant and ignorant people who know nothing about humanity and the value of the public offices.
    If gej not change, then WE ARE IN BIG TROUBLE IN NIGERIA!!!!

  5. yakubu says:

    please Comrades lets be sincere to ourselves, do we have a multi-party system in Nigeria? No! Democratic Nigeria’s under the rule of more-or-less a single party i.e the PDP. One wonthers wether we practice partial multi-party or a singled and severed-party dictatorship. Gen. Azazi is right, PDP are the reasons behind the setbacks, security challenges, curruption, et al., because they are not willing to give a room 4 change! We are tired of these ‘meal’ they’ve been serving us. All we need is CHaNGE!! Lets give chances to those who can deliver. One needs no angel to knw that PDP has faild Nigeria. Yes they have!!!

  6. Mario says:

    I think that Nigeria and Nigerians need two political party system of government that will help us to know the good from the goose.
    Nigeria as a nation is big and old enough to know the kind of political systems that will best fit her as a nation.
    If Nigeria can quite from mutiple political parties system and move to only two political party system, I think things will be better because then one will know those people (politicians) that have good intension for this country as leader. With these two political party systems Nigerians will know that they have join the rest of the world that is practising demorcratic system of government. Mutiple political parties system of government that Nigeria is practicing is the main cause of all the problems that is happening in Nigeria due to the greediness that is in some of these politicians, some wants to retain offices and make it a family thing, while some want to re-run elections’, for some they want to loot the public funds into their private accounts abroad and because of the evil intensions that they had in mind they go extra mile to do all sort of atrocities like (killing of their fellow political opponents, or killing for ritual eg for money making/quest for power, bribery etc). All these is how corruption set into our system of government and it has made them (politicians) to think that they are above the law and above every other person that is around them opposing their authorities. Corruption will be settled if those in government will first of all clearn their close-sets from corruption before they will think of how to address the masses. Lets assume that Nigeria is practising two political party system of government, party A will deliever all she could because she will never want party B to take over from her and on the other hand party B will be doing anything possible to get into that very post because she want people to know and hear of her, witness the kind of policies that she will introduce when given the opportunity to perform. Politicians know the kind of game they play with the masses here because they’ve noticed that most of the people that they are governing dose not know their civic right as a citizen of a nation so they (politicians) do what pleases them and how it pleases them will the allocation been given to them to run a state or the country at large. Is only here in Nigeria that government will awarde contracts with billions and millions of Naria at the end of the day nothing will done and nobody will ask question why things are not yet been done. If you want to protest, a voice will ask you if that’s your business.
    Nigerians when will we learn and be like other, to the masses let’s have united voice to oppose the bad head in our mist and stand up unity to fight against injustice.
    I have come to notice that is only Nigeria that the masses dose not have a common goal that they are gunning for as one people from one nation.
    Pray that the ALMIGHTY GOD will help us all and bring us a good leader that will help us reach our promise land, Amen…


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