GRAMMAR: Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon deliver his Democracy Day Address

Ex-House of Representatives of Nigeria Member, Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon
By Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon

A celebration of democracy or a deprecable apotheosis of an hemorrhaging plutocracy,cascading into a mobocracy with all the ossifying proclivities of a kakistocracy?With our “democracy” enveloped in a paraplegic crinkum-crankum,we must all rise up to bring to focal hiceps and biceps, Nigerias “Pluto-mobo-kakistocracy”….Certainly not democracy.

This is a link which you can use to download on your phone, a snippet of Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon’s interview with Nigerians Saving Nigerians. What are you thinking?

34 Responses to “GRAMMAR: Honorable Patrick Obahiagbon deliver his Democracy Day Address”

  1. says:

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  3. Since another person doesn‘h adore you how we would like them so that you can,doesn‘h signify they begin to put on‘h adore you using they’ve already.

  4. Rosemary onu says:

    The man is good,infact he’s a genius,the problem with some of nigerians is that they don’t appreciate good things,English is a borrowed language and this man is maximising it,so we shouldn’t blame him for practising what he studies in the dictionary,like he said”every word i use is in the dictionary,the difference is that i use multiplicity of words”..thumbs up for this great man.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I dnt get him any time is speaking, he doesnt communicate, i ve checked sum of his gramar in dictiönary, i didnt nt se dia. Wat r u pipo sayin here?

  6. Senator N Dominion says:

    Hon Patrick Obahiagbon should be highly beclasped and enclasped with Awards of Excellent as an Humdinger. Nigerians need to celebrate for having such an iconic Elite with apotheosized apophthegms for her citizenry. Hon Patrick’s words are jussive and not hocus-pocus and higgledy-piggledy. Please, Nigerians should stop throwing Lampoons and tirade on this gentleman. The man is good

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dats MY honourable.A pro bono wordsmith of the bluest dye…wat I got to say is that in Nigeria today there are so many of us who wants to b like d Igodomigodo;sme of us emulate him while others plaugiarise his works all the same he is a role model to many upcoming ones!
    Like he made me understood his well polished grandiloquentic expressions is nt a deliberate attempt to obfuscate, befudle or to deposit any1 in a valley of indecepherability or tintinabulation.rather these ceaseless cacatos of his, are the product of his uncanny knack 4 study,even at his age underminding his iconic personage;he spends almsost seven hours every day in his oracle room luxuriating in d aqua of self imolation.SO u cn see dat his vocality conssigns wit historical obscurantism.
    I knw u guys find it quite monotoneous to comprehend his high sounding i wil advice dat we shd improve our standing rather than propeling lampooneous and spiteful missiles at my honourable.ANY OBJECTION OR COMENT,forward to (

  8. isyaku says:

    This man is not communicating anything, world acknowledged leaders like Bill Clinton, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Winston Churchill, Tafawa Balewa etal used the most simplest English to communicate that even a Primary school pupil will understand, I see nothing good in referring people to selective dictionaries before we apprehend his speech. Am yet to know his role model though he made popularity out of his grammatocracy.

  9. Why is it that almost all Nigerians are full of defamation and all sorts of degrading human personalities.Why,do we like engaging in prejudice and discrimination towards violation of human dignity.Rome wasnt built in a day,why cannt u sit down and study for u 2 be librated frm the shackles of defective education.Dnt make us lose our stars anymore to foreign countries…Hon Patrick is on the right track..Progress!!! Lot thumbs are up for U!!!

  10. Raymond says:

    My foolish opinion is dat, we’re al entitld 2 our opinions, dats y d r cald opinions. Nw ure al ryt cos “wat is ryt is wat is ryt 4u & wat is ryt is ryt is wat is ryt 4me” . Moreso, i afraid 2say dat patrick’s grama’l soon becum d curent & comonly used in-thing yl wat we speak nw wil b stolen by thin air. Dont blame me, blame d English hu ad 30,000 words 2d lexicon (dictionary) everydy. He speaks big cos he fils he’s comunicatin, u dont undastand him cos u dont want 2observe & read b/ d lines. Instead of complain bov his English, y nt augment(increase) ur lenin by masterin d English language nt 2intimidate odas bt 2b on an intermidiary ground. Am out!

  11. sam Adonis says:

    Nigerian should jst allow dis man to blow and blast himself, that is what he knows best let jst encourage him he will surely lead us to a greater place.

  12. ER7 says:

    It is a pitiable dismal abysmal it is regrettably lugubrious that we Nigeria’s speak ill of this man instead of speaking good of him. Hon Patrick u are bless, come to think of it we have 360 members in the house of representative but how many are renown but he is outstanding so he should be respected he is even more famous than Bankole the then speaker of the house.
    If u quote me wrong email at

    • Raymond says:

      Ure ryt o, i even hed he neva cums 2d house late & wil chose nt 2indulge himself in d house’s corupt pratises.

  13. ER7 says:

    The problem with we all is that we don’t read our books simply so please stop abusing my hon Patrick engage urself wisely.

  14. Sulaiman says:

    Hon. Patrick is merely verbose and a neologist. It has become a part of him.We av so many of his kind dat r not public figures around us.So, we shld not tag him pompous.

  15. Adeolu says:

    This honorable must authentically be a gramaco-confusionist addict

  16. timothy says:

    when we was there at the national assembly how often does he even speak dis grammar, was he able to represent his constituency in order to promote good governance, now dis he think wl be the appointed time for him to be speaking outdated English for us, just because we are not always reading dictionary…

  17. olu segun says:

    my comment is just a comment in reponse to the honorable’s address .my personal believe is that pidgin language is supposed to be our official language .

  18. olu segun says:

    Certainly not democracy i concur.. so we have to avoid the cyclo-kakistocracy which has been prevailing in the nation as a result of pervasive idiosyncratic paradigm of the main-stream of the nigerian populace,who have been lead to accepting kakistocracy over democracy .it is time to start paving way for meritocracy.
    so help us God.

  19. angel says:

    Abeg,mak una leave hon. Patrick. @least, one comedian must dey 4 house nw

  20. Anonymous says:

    Please mr. Hon. Stop dis ur grammer b/cos d other members of d House may tink dat u are not speaking 4 d betterment of d nation,except u will be explaining it.

  21. Kola Bola says:

    The reason for every language is communication, and once that is lost it becomes rubbish at its best

  22. Opomaja says:

    …He is a “‘were-pataki/were-alaso’” (“‘important-lunatic/clothed lunatic’”)… He looks clownish, modelling his spectacularly perverted trousers–looking almost like a dressed-up pedophile. I wouldn’t trust him, from here-to-there!

    Òyìnbó rëpëtë! Therein lies the trouble–not communicating to the common man; and/or average market woman. Fela Anikulapo Kuti, where art thou?

  23. Otene Jay says:

    Most times, i wonder why some people enjoy been heard even if they are not communicating. The big Question is “did they vote him in to Confuse people wit Plenty English&entertain d House?”

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is an enigmatic aproach to isue.if u cannt cary pple along while nt remain silent

  25. Nasir says:

    Dont mind hon.patrick,he is a commedian,all those grammers can not bring any changes into this nation,we need revolution

  26. Enfine says:

    Who talk say this man dey complete upstairs.

  27. Joseph says:

    My honourable is too loaded to speak in d language of men. He is the only one who can unlock this dungeon.

  28. Terna Agboh says:

    His contributions on national issues are in themselves serious worry since it is now easily comprehensible.

  29. Mike says:

    Even his trouser needs to break down for better understanding

  30. Said says:

    Can some one please break this statement down to me?


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