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Buhari’s comment: We won’t keep quiet while he threatens our peace – N/Delta youths – Tribune

Former Head of State, Major General Buhari(retired)The recent alleged incendiary statement made by former Head of State and presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), General Muhammadu Buhari, has attracted the anger of youth leaders in the oil-rich South-South zone.

In a statement issued in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, on Friday, the Niger Delta Youth Leaders’ Forum (NDYLF) warned the former military ruler to desist from making comments that could be inflammatory or face the wrath of youths from the region.

The statement, signed by the group’s president, Tonye Briggs, and secretary, Ubong Mathew, frowned on the manner General Buhari had been going about seeking return to power, noting that further provocative comments might prompt youths in the region to react negatively to his threat.

According to the group, a similar provocative comment from the former head of state preceded the last post-election riot in the Northern part of the country which claimed lives of many Southerners.

They vowed to match him this time round, adding that should his comments foment any further crisis that claims the life of just one Southerner, especially anyone from the Niger Delta region, there would be a reprisal.

“The Niger Delta Youth Leaders’ Forum has read, with surprise, the statement credited to General Muhammadu Buhari who had ruled this great country at some point.

“We recall that the last senseless massacre of Nigerians, mostly of Southern origin in the North after last year’s general elections, followed a statement by the General and till today, the families of the victims of this undue bloodletting are still in shock and sorrow.

“We hereby call General Buhari to caution. There are ways to express personal opinions without spiking destructive elements of society. Should this last comment trigger another revolt in any section of the country, we will hold him responsible for whatever reaction that will follow from Niger Delta youths,” the statement said.

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  2. Nasarawa says:

    Why U did’nt react when Gen Azazi said it before?

  3. Nasarawa says:

    Why U did’nt react when Gen Azazi said this before?


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