Are you still in doubt that this PDP Government partly owns Boko Haram By Shuaib Awaisu

It is their agency to put fear in Nigerians, distract Nigerians and continue to loot and cover their looting.

How do you explain the fact that Boko Haram called Africa Independent Television (AIT) and threatened to Bomb Lagos State at the wake of preparations by civil society groups to protest the unimplementation of the subsidy probe in Lagos State?

How do you explain that a call cannot be traced to the caller in this era of technology?

How do you explain that our President did not defend the finding by his security chief (Azazi) that Boko haram is as a result of the power game in PDP?

Why do you think the government have refused to tell Nigerians what the Boko Haram Spokesperson, Kabiru sokoto revealed to them?

Why is it that whenever there is massive looting and the people plan to protest, Boko Haram will start bombing heavily?

Mr. president has told Nigerians severally that he will name the sponsors of Boko Haram at different occasions,
why has he not named them yet?

The former Inspector General of Police was fired because of alleged conspiracy with Boko Haram to release suspects,
why did they not give us the details of the investigation in the release of Kabiru Sokoto before he was re-captured?

Why are Christians involved in bombing churches?

Can one kill himself or herself under normal circumstances?

Nigerians must rise above sentiment to understand and accept that Boko Haram is part of the Nigerian government.

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