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They have killed my son – Oshiomhole – The Nation

Governor Adams Oshiomhole
Comrade Olaitan OyerindeGovernor Adams Oshiomhole on Friday gave the Edo State Police Command a 14 -day ultimatum to fish out the killers of his Private Secretary, Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde.
Oshiomhole said if the police failed to do proper investigation on the killing of three journalists last week and that of Olaitan, he would convert his leadership of the state to find solution to the problem of insecurity in the state.
He spoke while addressing members of the Action Congress of Nigeria after joining them in a street protest over the killing shortly after returning from Abuja.
Oshiomhole, who was moved to tears, joined in the protest from the Benin Airport through major streets in the city.
He said the killing was to stop the flag-off of his campaign rally on Saturday and advised the ACN members not to take laws into their hands.
He said, “I am giving the Police 14 days from today to produce the killers of Olaitan and to establish the killing of those journalists. If they do not do that, as the Chief Security Officer of this state, I reserve all my options. This country will either fail or stand. Nobody can intimidate me. Even out of power I was not intimidated.”
Governor Oshiomhole disclosed that he submitted a petition to the state Commissioner of Police, Olayinka Balogun, about a meeting held at the residence of who he termed the “godfather” where a critical evaluation of the forthcoming election was carried out.
His words, “Last week, they succeed in killing three journalists. Last night, they killed Olaitan. Let me be clear they cannot kill my fighting spirit. They agreed at the meeting that it is impossible for them to win the election.
“They also resolved at the meeting presided over by the godfather to intimidate my person and if possible to eliminate. At that meeting, they said they will kill under the guise of armed robbery, many of my personal staff and key leaders.
“I also informed the police that they resolved that several weeks before the election, they will detonate bombs in parts of the state in order to scare people away from going to vote. What is our crime? Our crime is that we have mobilised our people, we have deployed public resources for the public good and the godfather is angry.”
“The blood of these young men will fire me on to fight and defeat the godfather. There is no going back. They have killed my son. They have killed my brother, they have killed my people but they cannot kill my spirit.
“Last night like coward, they shot Olaitan in the chest, head and belly to make sure he never survives. Why will a man in his 80s seat over the death of young children? Why will an old man who has children and grand children supervise the killings of young people? Why will Airhiavbere who wishes to rule Edo State instigate tribalism?
“I want to serve them notice. I have the capacity and the men. If they do not behave, we can stop them from coming to Edo State. Let me say I have not come to cry today. The blood of those young men will whet my appetite for justice because their plan is to postpone again for the second time our campaign.”
“Tomorrow, we will go ahead because Olaitan in his lifetime was a fighter. We met in the field of struggle not on the dining table. I asked you not to be afraid and not to be intimidated. Don’t give up. If anything, we should be more resolved. The godfather is finished and nobody can rescue him. Any old man that kills will have death awaiting him. Every old man that kills will be in perpetual hell fire as reveal in the holy document.”

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