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Tearful Oshiomhole says Edo PDP godfather behind his aide’s assassination – Premium Times

Protesters gather in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria
Picture Credit: Premium Times

A certain old man, in his 80s, a godfather, in Edo state is the mastermind of the assassination of Olaitan Oyerinde, Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole, has said.

Mr Oshiomole made the revelation on Friday while addressing supporters who were protesting the killing of his Principal Private Secretary, who was murdered by four assassins earlier that day.

Neither Mr Oshiomole nor his aides agreed to name the “80 year old godfather” on Friday but the governor had in the past blamed Tony Anenih, leader of the opposition in the state, who he commonly refers as the godfather, for the political crises in the state.

The governor said the godfather held a meeting in his residence where they resolved to take series of actions to intimidate or “eliminate” him.

“At that meeting, they said they will kill under the guise of armed robbery, they will kidnap some people, many of my personal staff and some of our key leaders to pretend as if they are victims of kidnapping,” the governor said.

Mr. Oshiomhole said he has written the police commissioner in the state about the meeting, informing them that the godfather also planned to detonate bombs in parts of the state, ahead of the forthcoming governorship elections in the state, “to scare voters.”

He told his supporters he has given the police 14 days to resolve the murder and prosecute those guilty.

In the run up to the July governorship election in the state, where the governor is standing re-election, the state has been bedevilled by an unusual spate of violence.

Last week, a truck rammed into the governor’s convoy killing three journalists. The day following the accident, the state’s information commissioner, Louis Odion, reportedly escaped assassination when four gunmen invaded his house in his absence.

Mr Oshiomhole told his supporters that if the Police failed to find the assassins, he would seek alternative solutions.

In Nigeria, the police is controlled by the federal government and have failed to resolve many assassination cases.

“Why will a man in his 80s preside over the death of young children, why will an old man who has children, great grandchildren, supervise the killing of young people?” he asked tearfully.

“They have killed my son, they have killed my brother, they have killed my people, but they cannot kill my spirit.

“The godfather is finished and no one can rescue him and any old man that kills will have death awaiting his own children, brother and himself and when he dies he will be in perpetual fire,” Mr Oshiomole added.

3 Responses to “Tearful Oshiomhole says Edo PDP godfather behind his aide’s assassination – Premium Times”

  1. David says:

    Oshiomhole — you have performed in Edo State but you are diabolic, satanic and occultist and cannot step out of your house without consulting an oracle. its only those who do not know you will believe you. Nothing is good about your opponent but those who died through your activities and whom you have leveled PDP hand work, may their souls avenged their death over your ambition (One man)

  2. David says:

    Nonsense!!! wht hppend 2 the 14days ultimatum, police in investigation and the alternative solution? Oshiomhole is a gimmick politricking the inexperienced youth of Edo State, Am Ashamed tht even the youth cannot put 1 & 2 2gther. Who is Oshiomhole tryg 2 fool? He accuses one Godfather whereas he is cropping Godfather-ism 4 himself. This is election time and if he says he has perform creditably well his developmental programs will speak 4 him in the voting and not running around the city rendering abuses on the personality of an old man capable of becoming his father base on the fear tht his vote or election will be rigged. We the voters are no longer children.


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