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New Dimension to Terrorism in Nigeria: “Gradual fall of a Black Nation” By Olusegun Aremu

Olusegun Aremu
Olusegun Aremu at the Hospital: He was shot by gunmen
Just yesterday as I went to the hospital for my routine medical check-ups with my Doctors where I met some patients in the hospital who were also involved in the same armed terrorist gunmen attack of 6th April good Friday in Abaji, Abuja, FCT.

There we were told by a victim that his neighbour, a young 27 years old driver from the Eastern part of Nigeria was shot in the head and died instantly in company of other three occupants who were killed.

Unfortunately for some who abandoned their vehicles and ran for safety for their lives into the near bush from the sporadic shootings got shot dead at the spot. What can I say unto the LORD than to keep giving HIM praise? GOD is awesome and no one like HIM.

My being alive is nothing but just a miracle because ordinarily I should not have been spared with the enormous shootings at a very close range. Hum! Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; Your (LORD )rod and your staff they comfort me. My sincere gratitude will always go to GOD.

Blood thirsty individuals just shoot indiscriminately at innocent people. People that are not known to them, One did not offend them in anyway. No wonder some of my people in the diaspora often complain about coming home for fear of any possible attack. It was always a serious argument among us until I was directly affected; “He who wears the shoe knows where it pinches,” says an adage.

I think of how many precoius lives that have been carelessly lost. I think of how many families that have been made to remain in everlasting sorrow. I think of how many families and individuals that would ever remain deformed having being made in GOD’s image.

Do I have any reason(s) to love Nigeria again? Do the families of those killed in various bomb explosions across the nation have a cause to say they still love Nigeria? How would those who go about their lawful businesses and got shot to death or severely injured think of sacrificing for their country? How could those whose businesses that have been built over a period of years and got completely destroyed say well of Nigeria?

You may not really know or understand my lamentations until you are directly affected. We now become aliens and slaves in our own motherland. There is no good news coming to one’s hearing; it is bomb blast today, gunmen attack tomorrow, corruption, looting,……….. in a country filled with milk and honey. A nation endowed in all areas of life.

I hate thee Nigeria. Nigeria I hate you. How can I love you when I lost my hand to terrorist attack? How can I love you when innocent people are being killed on daily basis? How can I love you Nigeria when we are not certain of what happens to us next in the office, at markets, on the roads, in the house, in the schools, in the church, in the garden, in the stadium, when corruption and looting have become model?

I regret knowing you Nigeria. How can I change you Nigeria? LORD please I sincerely call on YOU to speedily come and deliver Nigeria, this is too much for us to bear.

I declare today by the reason of the pains inflicted on me and other numerous innocent Nigerians and friends of Nigeria who have been made to weep in one way or the other that everlasting sorrow shall continue to be in the camp and families of those who are causing Nigeria pains from generation to generation. They not know any iota of peace. Their brightness shall be turned to darkness, this I pray in Jesus name. (AMEN).

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    This is a true picture of what our dear/great country is facing. In a notshell, we should keep on praying to our good Lord and wait for his intervention.


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