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ACN release statement: PDP has brought nothing but shame and biblical suffering on Nigerians

This is a statement released by Nigerian Political Party, Action Congress of Nigeria “The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has described as a national
embarrassment the public face-off between the National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi, and the Peoples
Democratic Party (PDP) over the real cause of
the Boko Haram crisis.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Sunday by its National Publicity
Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said
the shame brought on Nigeria by this public spat is not so much in the
contents of their statements, disingenuous as
they may seem, but in the fact that a ruling party and a top political
appointee of the central government it controls could
be so naive and uncouth over a serious national security issue.

”We have said it several times that the PDP and the government it
controls at the centre are clueless, confused and
totally incapable of piloting the affairs of this nation. Is there any
better evidence of this cluelessness than what Nigerians
are witnessing now?

”It does not matter how much the President tries to engage in damage
control over the statement credited to his NSA,
or the ever-so knee-jerk and poorly-thought-out reaction of the
sinking behemoth called the PDP, the reality is that the
NSA’s shocking comments reflect the thinking in the highest echelon of
the Jonathan administration, that the crooked politics
of the PDP is behind the Boko Haram crisis, and that it has escalated
because a son of the South-South is sitting
in Aso Rock.

”With this pedestrian analysis of the crisis that predates the
Jonathan administration (Boko Haram leader was killed
extra-judicially during the Yar’Adua years, triggering a wave of
revenge attacks that have now escalated), is it any wonder
that the PDP federal government has been shooting the breeze, so to
say, in trying to tackle the crisis? Can a disease that
can’t be correctly diagnosed be managed or cured?” ACN queried.

The party said with the PDP and the government it controls pulling in
different directions, there is little or no surprise as
to why the welfare and security of Nigerians have been pushed to the
back burner as key players of the ruling party and
the Jonathan administration opt to dance naked in the public square.

”The only area the PDP and the government see face-to-face is in the
sharing of the spoils of office and looting of the
commonwealth. After gorging itself, the party with the tattered
umbrella as a symbol then engages in chest-beating as the
only truly democratic party in the world.

”Pray, of what use is a party that extols itself always in the
superlative but has brought nothing but shame and disgrace on
a nation and inflicted pain, hunger and biblical suffering on a
people? Now that it is clear to all that the PDP and its federal
government have no clue to the Boko Haram crisis, can we honestly
expect a resolution of the crisis soon? May God help
Nigeria,” ACN said.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed
National Publicity Secretary
Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN)
Lagos, April 29th 2012″
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2 Responses to “ACN release statement: PDP has brought nothing but shame and biblical suffering on Nigerians”

  1. Dr. Armah Elibe says:

    The writer talked about PDP bringing “biblical suffering” why did he not say “Koranic suffering”? Agreed that the PDP is a failure and a regret, but is he really believing or trying to make Nigerians think that the ACN is a better alternative? Except if he comes out with all the truth as he knows it and stop playing on the intelligence of the people he should be seen and treated as one of the enemies of our Nation, and therefore part of our problem.

  2. Jabir Gado says:

    The Nigerian Politians consider Nigerians as a polish. ACN knows that PDP Is not CAPABLE of COMFRONTING Nigeria PROBLE, But they make ALLIANCE With PDP In 2011 GENERAL ELECTION.ACN National Secretery is a SHAMELESS to YOU, YOUR PARTY, AND PDP.


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