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Threat to the life of the Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians by a Man that got his Job through President Jonathan

Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians, Mr. Omololu Omotosho and United States of America Congresswoman representing the 18th Congressional District of Texas, Sheila Jackson LeeThe following is a comment on the Facebook status update of the Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians by Itoro Akpakpan: “Omololu we have an understanding with Nigerian Airport to notify us when you come into Nigeria to mix your blood with ‘cc’ and drink, dead man walking”
This was the reply by Omololu Omotosho: Any threats against my life will be fought legally including internationally and anyway possible according to how I and my support knows best. I will block you but you are noted. And the World including CNN, BBC, e.t.c will cover any threats to my life”
Then Itoro Akpakpan replied via the comment thread on Facebook, “I was at a party when I made that comment so legally it is the hennessy that is at fault, so now that my eyes are clear, I beg for mercy. Please don’t block me, I need your Information, Ok and you should know my breakthrouh job came in from President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, I was in new york the other time and through your information I was able to cancel my flight back to Nigeria so I am sorry and I am willing to pay for any inconvenience.”
It can be noted that Itoro Akpakpan, who threatened the life of the Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians, Omololu Omotosho on Facebook, supposedly works as a contractor for NDDC according to his facebook page. We are not sure what the acronym NDDC represents. In the same vein, NDDC is the acronym that represents the “Niger Delta Development Commission”
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2 Responses to “Threat to the life of the Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians by a Man that got his Job through President Jonathan”

  1. Tee says:

    But only d truth is revealed when a man is drunk, so I’ld say u take him seriously and investigate the man thoroughly!

  2. Queen says:

    ignore them they r trying to scare u.


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