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Leader of Boko Haram to President Goodluck Jonathan: We will “devour” you in three months

President Goodluck JonathanIn a new video posted on Youtube yesterday, the leadership of Boko Haram claimed that President Goodluck Jonathan could not end its insurgency in June as publicly stated. The leader of the sect, Sheikh Abubakar Imam Shekau, also boasted that Nigerian security agencies could not curtail the sect by June 2012 as earlier promised by the president recently in South Korea.

The sect leader, who appeared agitated throughout the video recording, was surrounded by several bodyguards. He delivered the message via a Youtube video which lasted for 14 minutes and two seconds. In it, Shekau also threatened to consume Jonathan’s regime in three months.

In the video message, titled “Message To Jonathan”, Shekau vowed that the sect would destroy Christians and Christianity in Nigeria particularly those killing Muslims in Nigeria and it would also kill all Muslims aiding the arrest and harassment of its members.

The message, as conveyed by Shekau was mainly in Arabic and Hausa languages. Shekau said, “You Jonathan cannot stop us like you boasted. Instead, we will devour you in three months like you are boasting. If death is your worldly gain, for us, it is eternal victory to die working for Allah. Our joy is to die in Jihad for Allah against infidels like you…”

“We are also aware of some Muslims using our name to make money, we will say nothing but let them continue, and they will meet Allah in the last day.

“We are not doing physical human service, but Allah’s work and it is clear your aim is to kill us. Let me tell you with Allah, we will triumph over you and your men in hundreds. We are not boasting rather keeping quiet and working for Allah.

“Allah that finishes Pharaoh and other wicked rulers that you are not even up to them, will finish you and end your government.

We are not afraid because we are not doing man’s work but Allah’s work. And we will see who will carry the day.”
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Below, is the Video

Below, Is a Video where Ex-Nigerian House of Representatives Member, Honourable Patrick Obahiagbon told Nigerians Saving Nigerians in the thirteenth minute during a Telephone Interview that “Unknown to the Nigerian Political Class, the future of Nigeria in the 21st century does not rely in Oil, It relies in the Nigerian Youths”

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One Response to “Leader of Boko Haram to President Goodluck Jonathan: We will “devour” you in three months”

  1. Dr. Armah Elibe says:

    What I do no
    t understand is how somebody who criminally causes a breach of public peace taking innocent lives without provocation can claim to have Gods mandate to work for him to universalise “the religion of peace”. I do not blame the head of boko haram, rather I think that should serve as a lesson to all those who believe that a gang on treason and murder rampage should be negotiated with. That is the extent to which they take us all for granted. I want to see how much longer GEJ would watch this arms folded, they have just unilaterally reduced his tenure to three months.


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