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Exclusive Information: Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians called the Activist that just got Shot, Olusegun Aremu

Aremu, on his way to the hospital
Olusegun Aremu
Olusegun Aremu is a Nigerian Activist that has no affiliation with any organization. He is 38 Years Old from Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria. He believes in Good governance in Nigeria and his activism is mainly through sensitizing Nigerians on Facebook and he tries to actively get involved in works of National development across Nigeria.
Olusegun stated during the telephone conversation, “I was on my way to Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria for a burial ceremony when Men wearing masks walked up to my car and started shooting indiscriminately, bullets were lodged in my left hand and the bones in my left hand are totally broken and inoperable. I was taken to the General Hospital in Abaji, Abuja, Nigeria where Hospital staff could only remove the bullets in my hand and referred me to Gwagwalada hospital, Abuja, When i arrived at Gwagwalada hospital, I was told the Hospital was filled. Then i travelled to a private hospital in Abuja, Nigeria where i am currently speaking from. I am not sure if my left hand hand can be saved but the Doctor will Operate on my left hand tomorrow.”
He went further to state, “Nigerians are living like slaves in their own country and i feel empathy for Nigerians. Nigerians did not bargain for the sufferings happening presently in Nigeria especially in a country with plenty natural resources and I am committed to keep fighting for Good governance in Nigeria. I am ready to lead the cause of Good governance in Nigeria, if Nigerians support me. I have now taken a bullet for Nigeria and there is no other price that is higher because i might have died from this experience.”
It can be noted that Abaji Local Government Area, Abuja shares a border with Kogi State, Nigeria.
Mr. Olusegun Aremu was shot in Abaji LGA, Abuja, Nigeria in his car while travelling to his ancestral home of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.
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One Response to “Exclusive Information: Founder of Nigerians Saving Nigerians called the Activist that just got Shot, Olusegun Aremu”

  1. Rabiu says:

    We pray for his quick and successful surgery. The struggle continue as the country is still in dark and underdevelopment because of persisting corruption of our bad leaders since and present. God will sure help us to see us through in overcoming of our bad leaders.

    Please accept my prayers that God should continue to guide and protect u ameen.


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