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Non-Profit Media Organization, Daily Positive, release statement regarding African Carnival scheduled to hold in different Countries

Press Release
March 24, 2012
This Month Is For Inaugural International African Carnival
Join Daily Positive (D+) in the celebration
A new Carnival is in the town during the month of March 2012. The inaugural International African Carnival is to celebrate the joys and delights of Africa. The aim of the Carnival 2012 is to indulge, celebrate and convey happiness and pleasure from the continent of Africa.
Daily Positive (D+), a web-based non-profit new media which exclusively publishes positive news on each country of the world, is the organizer of the International African Carnival 2012. Apart from publishing positive news, D+ also organizes various annual events, such as, revealing 10 most positive countries of the world at the end of the year and organizing Carnival at the first half of the year which intends to discover and share more news and stories from a specific location in the world.
The theme of the Carnival 2012 is to discover and share the positivity of Africa. Thousands of D+ readers, academics, researchers, students, fans and volunteers around the world are celebrating the month with various events as part of the Carnival. D+ conducting Presentations, Social media promotions, Focused news collections, Student volunteer works and Social gatherings around the globe as part of the Carnival.
The Carnival is the first of its kind in the world where everyone celebrates a randomly chosen culture in each corner of the world. It intends to bring real harmony and hopes it will give back a sense of opportunity, friendship and positive cross cultural learning throughout the global community. Everyone can participate to the Carnival by organizing an event (Presentation, BBQ, Dinner or Social Gathering) to celebrate the thrill of Africa during the carnival month. D+ will send a free event pack to the organizers and will publish the news to the social media.
For more details on the Carnival visit
For further information contact:
Dr. Arif Jubaer
Founder, Daily Positive –
Email:, Telephone: +61-411215302

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