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Senator Uzamere narrate how his driver robbed him of 8 million Naira at gunpoint

Senator Ehigie UzamereSenator Ehigie Uzamere on Sunday narrated how he narrowly escaped death in the hand of his driver who robbed him at gun point.
The Action Congress of Nigerian (ACN) lawmaker said that he was on his way to Benin City, the Edo State capital to attend the party convention when his driver, Mallam Mohammed Ibrahim, allegedly turned on him dispossessing him of his car and vital documents.
He noted that Ibrahim, who is in his mid-thirties and hails from Niger State, suddenly pointed a gun to his head, dragged him out of his car, a black Mercedes Benz S 430, and sped off with his briefcase.
He described the documents taken away by Ibrahim, who had been with him for about seven years as “irreplaceable.”
He said: “It was around 12pm on Friday. We were on the way to the airport when I decided to check my briefcase.
“I discovered that part of the money inside had been taken. I asked my driver how that came to be since I left him in the car earlier when I went to the Chinese Embassy.
“I felt I will need some money for the activities slated for the convention. So I said take me back and let me find a solution to the missing money.
“But just before we reached my house (in Jabi) by the junction (of Ebitu Ukiwe and Bala Sokoto), the driver suddenly parked the car, came to my side and put a pistol on my head. He practically dragged me out and left in a jiffy,” Uzamere said.
The distraught lawmaker said that he was completely traumatized for several hours and could not leave for the ACN convention in Benin until early Saturday morning.
The run-away driver was said to have called a member of Uzamere’s family later, urging him to go and pick the senator’s car somewhere in Life Camp area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.
Uzamere, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign and Local Debts, said: “I give thanks to the Lord that I am still alive.
“It could have been worse. It is a setback for my programme . This is another example of how bad things have become and why we must all strive harder to make this country better for us all and for our children,” he added.
Culled from The Nation

3 Responses to “Senator Uzamere narrate how his driver robbed him of 8 million Naira at gunpoint”

  1. Ife says:

    So what are we saying?, can the senator account for the N8Million?, is that his monthly salary or allowance?, well without stressing the fact that the driver turned armed robber is guilty what about our politicians , in this instance the honorable senator

  2. Icon of Peace says:

    Seven years down the drain .The driver must have taken his own share of the loot.He got it the way you got it.Stop complaining.
    However,I must admit that the driver needs to be traced and treated as an arm robber for his action.

  3. Femi Ojo says:

    For heavens sake, what is a sane man doing with N8 million cash in whatever currency?
    Thank God, Senator is alive to tell the story. There is so much poverty in the land and carrying such an amount of cash in the midst of hunger stricken population is a great risk.
    Mention must be made however, I am not commending the driver for his act.


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