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South East Group Claim Jonathan deserves a second Term

A group, the South East Peoples Assembly, has said that the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, has performed creditably for him to earn a second term.
The group, reacting to the position of some prominent Northerners on Thursday that Jonathan was plotting for another seven-year mandate with the connivance of the constitution review committee headed by retired Justice Alfa Belgore, advised the Northerners to concentrate on tackling the Boko Haram challenge instead of dividing the country.

In a statement signed by its National Chairman, Cannice-More Nwachukwu, SEPA said Jonathan has a right to contest the 2015 presidential election as a bonafide citizen of Nigeria.
The statement said: “Jonathan, as a citizen of Nigeria and a President who is doing so well in containing the security challenges facing the country should be encouraged to have a second term, instead of being threatened in the brazen way the Northern group did.
“Northerners should concentrate on working hard to solving the Boko Haram threat coming from their section of the country before thinking of starting another polarizing zoning debate on 2015 election that is still several years away.
“”No previous President has faced the same quantum of security problems Jonathan has faced since he assumed office.”
SEPA advised the prominent Northerners, with Dr. Junaid Mohammed as convener, to face the reality that Nigeria is now equally skewed among the ethnic nationalities that make it up, adding that it was the authoritarian nature of the military regimes that ruled the country in the past that gave the North the advantage in terms of rulership.
The statement added: “President Jonathan has done much to position Nigeria on the path of growth and as such deserves a second term that will allow him sufficient time to complete his transformation of the Country.”
Culled from The Eagle Online
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  1. luke says:

    no one should give this idiot one seconds extra in office i don’t care what it takes, in fact i hope he have stroke and quiet the only reason i say leave him in office to finish his second term is for the sake nigeria’s peace other than kick him out of office i have never seen a bigger dummy or like we say muumuu


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