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How soldiers killed 3 at Kano filling station – Daily Trust

Alhaji Rabi’u Sulen Garo, owner of the petrol service station at Rijiyar Zaki on BUK Road in Kano leased out to Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has given a graphic picture of what happened at the station where soldiers opened fire at customers shortly after gunmen last Friday attacked a police divisional office in the area.

Garo said he was at the filling station when a patrol van load with soldiers stormed the station upon hearing that one of the gunmen that attacked the police office had passed through the station in a bid to escape.

The petrol marketer said he escaped death by whiskers as he lay flat in his office when the soldiers were shooting every part of the building in which three persons were killed and several others injured.

Ali Muhammad Sadiq, son of the former librarian of Bayero University, Kano (BUK), Malam Muhammad Sadiq, who was at the filling station to fuel his car, was among those killed.

Ali, a graduate of accountancy from BUK), was shot in the head, stomach and leg when the rampaging soldiers opened fire at every person they saw at the station.

The incident, it was learnt, took place one week after Ali’s wedding.

The owner of the petrol station described the incident as terrible, saying when the soldiers got him in the office they brought him out, asked him to remove his cloth and also to lie down together with the dead ones and those badly injured.

The soldiers, according to him, arrived at the station only 30 minutes after gunmen attacked the Rijiyar Zaki police station on Friday. He said no sooner the soldiers alighted from their patrol vehicle than they began to shoot everywhere in the station, saying the soldiers also chased seven persons who hid in the station’s vehicle service room where they killed three persons.

Garo, who conducted our reporter round the station damaged by gunshots, said the soldiers later asked him to put on his cloth when they realized he was owner of the petrol station.

He said when he asked them the rationale behind their action; they simply told him they too could not exactly explain what made them to act that way.

A petrol attendant at the station, Malam Ismail, who was among the seven persons who hid in the station’s vehicle service room, said the soldiers stopped firing at them when he told them that all of them were staff of the station.

He said two of them who were shot died instantly while another died at Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital where he was taken to for immediate medical treatment.

Usaini Muhammad Sadiq, elder brother to late Ali Muhammad Sadiq, said Kano leaders should rise up against the injustice being perpetrated by security operatives in the state in the name of protecting residents against Boko Haram onslaught.

He said his family will not take the case to court as they have already left everything in God’s hand. Sadiq, however, said nowhere in Nigeria’s constitution where soldiers or any other security personnel are allowed to kill people at will like even if such persons are criminals.

When contacted, Kano army public relations officer, Lt. Iweha Ikedichi, neither confirmed the killing nor denied it, saying soldiers are only being sent on patrol to ensure security all over the state and not asked to kill.

2 Responses to “How soldiers killed 3 at Kano filling station – Daily Trust”

  1. Anonymous says:

    i dont agree with the family of late Ali to leave everything to God.if we all continue with this attitude of leaving everything to God,then we shall not get justice and this kind of innocent loss of valuable lives on the part of our security operatives will never stop.The family should proceed to court and sue the Nigerian Army and even the FederalGovt.

  2. sadiq ibrahim says:

    pls da king,governor of kano state should do somethin about it and let peace rain let da soldiers be brought to book.allah jikan wanda suka mutu.


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