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General Babangida and other Norther leaders hold strategic meeting targeted at uniting Northern Nigeria

PROMINENT Northern leaders have begun the process of bringing together all groups in the North under one umbrella as a way of projecting a common position on all issues affecting the region.

Rising from a meeting in Abuja yesterday, the northern leaders, comprising past heads of state, former army and air chiefs, politicians, businessmen, also expressed worry over the insecurity situation in the zone with particular reference to the activities of members of the Boko Haram sect that have, of recent, engaged in bombings leading to deaths and wanton destruction of property.

The meeting, held at the Niger Hall of Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja, had in attendance former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida; ex-head of state, General Abdulsalami Abubakar; former Vice President Atiku Abubakar; former Nigeria Permanent Representatives to the Unjited Nations, Alhaji Yusufu Maitama Sule; former Chief of the Defence Staff, Air Marshall Al-Amin Daggash; former Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Professor Ango Abdullahi; and ex- Minister of Finance, Mallam Adamu Ciroma.

Also at the meeting were former president, Court of Appeal, Justice Mamman Nasir; former Commandant of the Nigerian Defence Academy, General Paul Tarfa, rtd; Alhaji Sule Kantagum; Senator John Wash Pam; Bello Kirfi; former Minister of Environment, Sani Zango Daura, among others.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that, at the end of the meeting, two committees: One on security and another to bring together all groups in the north under one roof, were set up by the leaders. Daggash heads the committee on security while Senator John Pam chairs the other committee.

The Daggash-led committee is saddled with the responsibility of looking at the issue of insecurity that has suddenly become a major problem in the north and the country as well as suggest ways on how to solve the poverty problem and that of unemployment in the North.

The other committee will report to the group at the end of the day ways of bringing all the groups, associations in the North together to ensure that the region does not have discordant views on issues affecting them and how to respond to what may be brought on board under one umbrella.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that the two committees are expected to complete their assignments before the end of the month and report to the northern leaders when they reconvene on April 7.

It will be recalled that concerned northerners, including governors, politicians, academics and other professionals, on Tuesday, set up ten committees to articulate northern interests especially with regard to discussing the future of Nigeria under the aegis of a Sovereign National Conference, SNC.
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2 Responses to “General Babangida and other Norther leaders hold strategic meeting targeted at uniting Northern Nigeria”

  1. Anonymous says:

    They (Ibb,Abubakar and others)are all aware of the happenings,dids of boko haram but they don’t want to do anything,at it been the sect boko haram did not kill the two Europeans (the Italians and British)the past Generals,the northern leaders wouldn’t have say anything bcos they are the master minders of all the happening in Nigeria and to Nigerians through boko haram. These men are using the sect boko haram to distabilize Jonathan’s regim bcos they know that power is far from them now, we can make it not just by ourselives but by the special grace of Almight GOD. I have known this,long before now that Nigeria will stand as a nation bcos HE that set, brought and kept Nigeria together as a nation is not man but GOD. Nigeria has unseen and unknown future to a known GOD,that is the more reason why we need not to worry but to pray more without season for this nation for GOD’s word to come to pass. All the northern political leaders are an enemy to Nigeria democracy,they can’t stop the destiny of this nation not to manifest. These same people have ruled this nation for over thirty years with nothing to show for it. My only fear is the now president of Nigeria. President Jonathan will one day come to agree with the wishes of the northerns,the ministry. The only thing that the northerns want to use boko haram to get like the Niger Delta youths from Nigeria government. Jonathan will not do anything bcos he is powerless,how? He should have sacked all those that he met political appointment when he came into power as a president. As a number one man in Nigeria,I don’t think he has a word of his own as a leader. With the presure that these sect boko haram and the northerns has been mounting on him he will one day decide to hand over power to them.

  2. olumayowa says:

    This is coming toooooo late. Ciroma, IBB, Atiku minus Buhari, the main moral compass of Northern Nigeria is damn waste of time. This is a big lesson to all and sundry, this same people watched other way when the most peaceful & tourist haven Plateau State was consumed & still being consumed by their devilish politics, looked unconcerned and even threatened a constituted government by Ciroma through another deadly politics of making Nigeria ungovernable for GEJ & encouraged Boko Haram, which has not against thier target by killing their own children in Kano, Adamawa, Borno atc. SHAME ON THEM ALL!


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