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President Goodluck Jonathan beg Boko Haram to stop threatening Nigeria

President Goodluck Jonathan on Friday pleaded with all those involved in unleashing violence on the nation, including members of Islamic sect, Boko Haram, to lay down their arms in the interest of the nation.

He urged them to embrace peace so that they could join hands with his administration to tackle the nation’s common enemies, which he identified as poverty, unemployment, disease, hunger and illiteracy.

Jonathan made the call in Makurdi, Benue State ,while rounding off his two-day visit to the state.

He said the task of building a just, equitable and modern society was a joint one that could not be achieved by the government alone.

He said development could only be possible in an atmosphere of peace and stability.

He said, “Our nation is today faced with security challenges for which the government is handling.

“We would continue to handle security challenges; it is like every challenging situation.

“When someone gets sick, we must find a way to cure the person.

“We have just been confronted with a number of security challenges. We are working day and night and assure you the good people of Benue and all Nigerians that we would surely overcome it in the shortest possible time.

“To sensibly confront these challenges, it requires our collective vigilance, renewed commitment and faith of patriotic Nigerians with those ideas that bind us together as a people.”

The President said to make meaning of the nation’s life and resources, Nigerians must work together in unity, hope and trust.
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One Response to “President Goodluck Jonathan beg Boko Haram to stop threatening Nigeria”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How can President of Nigeria be begging the sect boko haram. I know that boko haram are over powering his administration why bcos him the President didn’t want to pull action on them. Nigeria is too great and big for any group to mess with,at it been I’m Jonathan now is his greatest opportunity to act or call on international community help him fight crimes and in his country.


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