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Wicked Father: Pours Hot Water On Daughter’s Private Part – PM News

Picture of the Injured girl

Picture of the father of the Injured girl

A 33-year old man has poured hot water on her daughter’s private part, damaging part of her vagina, for licking soup in the pot. The incident happened in Ikorodu area of Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria.
The girl, a 14-year old Junior Secondary School II student (name withheld) is currently undergoing treatment at a government hospital while the father, Mr. Solarin Muyiwa has been arrested by the Social Welfare Department of the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation, WAPA, and will be arraigned in court soon.
The incident, which took place at 3, Adeyiga Street, Ikorodu attracted lots of unsavoury comments about the father, a Laboratory Assistant at Spintex Mill
Muyiwa created a stir when he was brought to the WAPA Ministry after his arrest. Staff of the ministry, mostly women, described him as a wicked man to have inflicted such punishment on his daughter.
“The incidence took place two Fridays ago, but a concerned neighbour who saw the state of the young girl, put across a distress call to the ministry. We responded immediately and rescued the girl and she is presently being treated in the hospital,” said Mrs. Alaba Fadairo, Director, Child Development, WAPA.
“We were surprised when we saw the girl. There were deep wounds on her body. Her father poured hot water on her private part. He said she licked soup from the pot. The girl said she was given N50 for the day and that she wanted to test if the soup was hot or not.
“The father first beat her with a wooden stick and told her stepmother to heat some water when the wife reported to him that he caught the girl stealing from the soup pot. It was that hot water he poured into a plastic and ordered her to put her hands inside.
“His wife also confirmed that he asked her to boil the water and after that, he asked the girl to put her hands inside the water, but she said at that juncture, her baby was crying and she had to go and nurse her baby and she didn’t know what transpired. This incident happened on Saturday, February 25, and we got to know about it last Thursday and went to save the girl,” she stated.
Fadairo said the government would prosecute the father over the incident as it violates the girl’s right under the Child Right’s law.
“We are at the stage of prosecution. We have passed the stage of prevention; this is the stage of prosecution,” she said.
When asked, the father of the girl, Muyiwa confessed that he poured water on his daughter’s private part, saying his intention was not to harm his daughter he had during his secondary school days.
“I just want to apologise about it. I did it in annoyance. I regret what I did and I just want to apologise. She has been stealing, but I did not mean to pour hot water on her, I just wanted to scare her with the water so that she will know the difference between good and bad. I did not know it would result in this. I am very sorry.
“I took her to Jobi Hospital after the incident. I never knew it will get so bad like that,” he stated.
Narrating how he got a baby while in secondary school, he said his relationship led to pregnancy, saying that the last time he saw the mother of his daughter was in 2005 and now he does not know her whereabouts.

2 Responses to “Wicked Father: Pours Hot Water On Daughter’s Private Part – PM News”

  1. zulkiflu shehu says:

    The father is a mad person

  2. Godwin Owuda says:

    It’s a pity that the father went too far, atitutde of some children could really drive one crazy. I always advised parents not to beat their wards or children in anger or provocation because it could lead to an unintended damage. After procuting the father, who will fute the girls medical bill?


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