President Jonathan, drinking on the Job!

Nigerians Saving Nigerians:

President Jonathan feeding his wife

A source that works in the Aso Rock Presidential Villa reported to Nigerians Saving Nigerians, that at most times, President Goodluck Jonathan neglects his Presidential duties in order to get drunk.

The source who prefers to be anonymous stated, “The President has adopted a wrong leadership style; his drinking habits makes him start drinking exotic alcoholic drinks from 2:00 pm, abandoning all official assignments for his ministers, especially that of Petroleum and Finance. This can explain the role they played in removing the subsidy and the threat by the Minister of Finance that if the Policy is reversed she will resign. The high budget for feeding in the Presidency can also be tied to this habit.”

The source went further to state, “President Jonathan’s aides called “The advance team” usually transport alcoholic drinks for him during times he is traveling on official duties.”

It can be noted that Nigeria is currently facing massive unemployment and a seemingly unending threat to the stability and unity of Nigeria by the sect, Boko Haram.

What are you thinking?

17 Responses to “President Jonathan, drinking on the Job!”

  1. hab says:

    Let’s judge mr. President according to how he is behaving, is he handling the affairs of the nation like somebody who is drunk, or otherwise?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rumour mongers hv nothn else to do except gossip. The psn behind this senseless rumour against GEJ is just a mindless empty head, propagating baseless tale . He shuld find better thing doing.

  3. kelvin says:

    This is a real blackamil and a frivolous talk against our dear president…hu eva published dis ought to be hanged•••flogged•••and hanged again!

  4. Anonymous says:

    the propounder of this malicious slander should go and sleep cos even the composition of the story will tell that the source is an idle,weak n senceless individual seeking attention! what’s wrong in delegating authorities to capable hands like these two women ministers? who can you equal them in that cabinet?

  5. Gbenga akande says:

    I can jst imagin hw a president will b drinking an alcohol while on duty,i think he as tied of d post,PRESIDENT BADLUCK

  6. Said says:

    for every sensible person, this obvious, that ebele is always drunk even on duty. That’s why he made many utterences that may lead to the national division and hardships!
    So, those that voted for him will also be responsible for all he does! Allocated billions for feeding? While millions of Nigerians hardly get garri! pleas contrymen face the reality, study this man… know he drinks even on duty!

  7. jameel says:

    May God helps our dear country nigeria, our leaders ? Hummm ! Only God can save this great nation…..

  8. Abdulwahab says:

    What are u thinking mr jonatan

  9. David Opegbemi says:

    . . . Anything can happen under the influence of alcohol. . . Goodluck Nigeria. . .

  10. David Opegbemi says:

    . . . Anything can happen under the inluence of alcohol. . . Goodluck Nigeria. . .

  11. Anonymous says:

    What did u except of him, Jonathan,he is only a human without that alcohlic he can not b able to run d affairs of Nigeria n Nigerian respectivly but is a step taken in a wrong direction. What he should have done is instead of drinking,he should have seek GOD bcos HE knows why HE puts him(Jonathan) in that position despite d whole crisis in Nigeria today…

  12. David agada says:

    You too you are like him dat’s why u are try tn ignore d whole truth.

  13. Our cuntry is our bsnz .pls let dem say. says:

    I blv d story

  14. abimbola adebo says:

    This is pure blackmail & deformation of character plus character assasination. The person reportin this will do worst if he or she is in authority. Such people never see good in anything. They all should mind their business


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