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Mugshot of a thief who ‘served’ as the Governor of Delta State from 1999 to 2007 released

On Monday, Former Governor of Delta State, Nigeria, James Ibori, pled guilty to fraud and money-laundering charges before London’s Southwark crown court. Ibori admitted to fraud totalling more than $79 million, which is part of a total embezzlement that could exceed $250 million.
Mugshot of James Ibori

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One Response to “Mugshot of a thief who ‘served’ as the Governor of Delta State from 1999 to 2007 released”

  1. Dr. Armah Elibe says:

    One thing that I have noticed is that many Nigerians secretly admire and envy these psychotic kleptomaniacs and truly wish they would one day be in their shoes.His Chieftaincy titles are innumerable. Such is the depth of our problem hence we still vote people who flaunt ill gotten cash before our face. Pictures like this now encourage wannabes instead of deterring them. We need God urgently to intervene.


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