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Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) release statement: President Jonathan must fulfill ‘Removal of Fuel Subsidy’ Promises

Picture of Occupy NigeriaBelow, is the statement that the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) released,
“The current artificial fuel scarcity in parts of the country is to blackmail Nigerians into accepting higher fuel prices and pressure the National Assembly (NASS) to discontinue the probe into the wholesale fraud in the oil industry. The contrived scarcity is an unholy alliance between major oil marketers and various government agencies.

The claim by the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria and the Independent Petroleum Marketers of Nigeria that the patriotic probe into the corruption-ridden oil sector by the NASS has created “uncertainties” and loss of confidence by the financial institutions which has translated into fuel scarcity is ridiculous. Banks cannot be scared to work with honest businesses as the marketers are claiming, and the country cannot be blackmailed to allow fraudsters continue to dominate the oil sector.

It is unacceptable to the NLC that marketers and the Government will contrive to push the price of a litre of petrol (PMS) back to N140 under the guise of fuel scarcity. We also assure the National Assembly that Nigerians are solidly behind its probe into the age long theft of our oil wealth and the fleecing of the country through the inflation of the subsidy on fuel. The future of our country lies in our ability, determination and the political will to tackle the endemic corruption that has become cancerous and is threatening our very existence.

It is ironic that the very people who contributed to the present state of affairs in the oil industry are those claiming to be sanitizing it by setting up a plethora of committees allegedly to cleanse the industry. These committees, which are mainly political patronage, are creating a new bureaucracy in Government and driving up the cost of governance contrary to President Goodluck Jonathan’s January 16, 2012 pledge to the country that the cost of governance will be reduced.

The NLC again reiterates that the Jonathan administration has no alternative but to live up to its promise that Nigerians will richly reap the dividends of the fuel price hike. The claims by some government officials that the mass protests organised by Labour and it’s allies which led to the reduction of a litre of PMS from N140 to N97 has made the fulfillment of the promise impossible is childish. it is like a dull, in attentive pupil blaming the teacher for his failure. Nigerians are not interested in excuses; they demand and deserve good governance and the dividends of democracy.

Owei Lakemfa
NLC Acting General Secretary.
Sunday 26th February 2012″
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3 Responses to “Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) release statement: President Jonathan must fulfill ‘Removal of Fuel Subsidy’ Promises”

  1. Muhammad Makintami says:

    Bird of d same feathers

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think that both d head of NLC and FG r both in dsame party,in an agreement on what they will do to d masses. People of Nigeria let forget about d cover up of these so called people that run d affairs of this nation they all knows how it goes and d things that they r doing,we have had it in d time of Adams Oshomole that he will protest and over night he will call off d strike,dsame thing is still happening till date. Let’s stop fooling ourselvies cos these people r not fighting for a common course they only their to protect their fucking interest and that of their families….

  3. Manof truth says:

    Nigerians only lost one change of making this country a better place when they allowed NLC to betray then by accepting =N=97 per ltr. Now we can’t truth NLC & TUC if any protest and revolution will ever be held again, in fact, we should map out a platform were the Voices of the masses will be hard without those betrayers called NLC, TUC…. They’ve started again, only to dump us in the dark.


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