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““We Have President Jonathan Within Range” – Boko Haram Leader” –

Following the recent move by the Federal Government of Nigeria [FGN] to open the channels of dialogue with the Islamic terrorist group, the Boko Haram, more revelations into the activities of the Boko Haram are gradually becoming public. This is as sources within the ranks of the Nigerian security agencies confirmed to that the Boko Haram may have its tentacles into the Nigerian security systems deeper than the Nigerian security agencies were aware of.

As gathered, the security source admitted that the office of the National Security Adviser [NSA] to the President had been in secret dialogue with the men of Boko Haram – and that recent revelations show that the men of boko haram have significantly infiltrated the Nigerian police force to the extent that they have presense in appreciable numbers in each of the 36 States of Nigeria including the Federal Capital Territory. The source pointed to the police force as “completely” handicapped by the members of boko haram within the top ranks of the force. “The Nigeran police cannot hunt boko haram”

The source indicates that the boko haram members within the police force that are on duty in areas away from the northern part of the country – serve as intelligence officers – to gather intelligence for the Islamic group. This is particular for the south east and south south regions of the country.

Worsening matters, the security source lamented that the various Nigerian law enforcement agency lack simple coordination. According to the source, the NSA office and the police force do not communicate sufficient enough to understand what each other is doing regarding boko haram – neither is the military and other intelligence agencies.

“But we are making headway” stated the security source echoing information recently received from a high ranking Boko Haram source who stated that his meeting with the NSA to the President, Azazi was a pleasant meeting, and that he was pleased with the treatment meted to him and his partner.

However the Boko Haram source clarified that the group is ready to continue the fight should the Nigerian security agents decide to “misbehave”. “We have suicide bombers in 21 States eager to die“. The boko haram leader added that their spiritual leader in Sudan has already given his blessings for the next phase of attacks in Nigeria should the negotiations fail to yield desired results.

He continued, “Boko Haram does not kill innocent people“. The Nigerian police, he claims, does. In Kano attack, it was the “Nigerian police that shot at the innocent people“. The police, he claims, started the fight against boko haram when they judicially slaughtered “our men” – and the country remained silent to the killings of “our men”. Now, “we want to return fire to them“.

The boko haram leader promised that the next round of attacks will “shock” Nigeria to its”knees”. The source claims that the attack will be simultaneous in seven [7] different locations -and that it will concentrate its attacks on political leaders – of which the Vice President of Nigeria, Arc Namadi Sambo’s name was mentioned as one of the political figures the group will target. According to the source, the vice president was a letdown to the Islamic faith.

The boko haram source made known they have the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan, within “firing range” but “he is not our target“. He explained, “we don’t have any problem with President Jonathan” while adding that if they go after the President it will snowball to an unnecessary uproar that will undoubtedly drown the activities of the boko haram — and may attract the unwanted attention of the international community. The President’s assassination “is not what we want”, it will defeat ”our” purpose, said the leader.

4 Responses to “““We Have President Jonathan Within Range” – Boko Haram Leader” –”

  1. salees lelna Azugru says:

    is nonsence tryng to blame a particular sect responsible for in security of dis country.b4 Boko haram it was OPC, mosop,Afenifere and above all Biafra rebelism all dis grps r not hausa. So is only elitracy dat lead u to ur selfish analyses. My frnd u need to comeout of dat forest n share outside experience.

  2. With all thier powers and sponsors they {BOKO HARAM}have,.GOD will soon lay his hand on this matter,and they will suffer if they carry on killin innocent Nigerian citizenz. says:

    Prayseedoor t balewa

  3. Icon of Peace says:

    You see the gullibles are in.This report is empty now giving any information.You said Jonathan is within target and in same report you are saying the so call Boko Haram leader says Jonathan is not their problem.Why can’t we be honest and sensible in our reportage.
    Why must you write even if it is rubbish.
    The problems is when you are used to reporting rubbish,whenever you decide to become serious you will not be taken seriously.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What else r talking about in quote “that their spiritual leader from Sudan has given his blessings”,is high time we need to realize that these people r not Nigeria bcos I so mush believe and I know that all Hausa’s r one world wide. The hausa’s in d could not be able to carry out d attack on Nigerians and her government,their political leaders decisied to bring in men from across boarders. Little did Nigerians know about what went wrong in d presidential elections across d country as at d time d election were conducted. Now d moslem hausa political leaders r using boko haram to blackmail this present regim bcos they know they’ve failed. President Jonathan has been pushed to d wall instead of him to fight back,he is seeking for peace that I know they will not give if only he will agree on their own terms. Nigeria as a nation is having a terrorist attack from Sudan,and that is country where all d bombs and guns r coming form…


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