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“Presidency: North should forget 2015 –Asari Dokubo” – National Mirror Online

Leader of Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), Alhaji Asari Dokubo, has told politicians from the Northern part of the country to forget the presidency by 2015, saying that power would reside in the South South, South East and the Middle Belt for a longer time than expected.

The activist made the disclosure on Saturday when he led hundreds of youths of various ethnic nationalities from the three geo-political zones on a condolence visit to widow of the late Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Bianca, in Enugu. The former militant leader described Ojukwu as a great icon who saw ahead of his time, stating that what he saw then is what the Niger Delta people are now agitating for today. Dokubo, who noted that the people of South-South, South-East and North-Central have suffered for a long time, disclosed that the ethnic nationalities that make up the three zones have resolved to fight for power and keep it. His words: The people of South-East, South-South and North Central have decided to take their destiny in their hands. We have suffered for a very long time and Ojukwu was the icon for this struggle.

He saw it ahead of us like Isaac Boro. We have seen it and we want to repeat that political power must rest in the hands of the people who fight for it. And the people of South-South, South-East and North Central will fight for power and keep it. We will no longer allow people who say they are Kaduna mafia, we are this mafia or we are that mafia. It will never happen again.

5 Responses to ““Presidency: North should forget 2015 –Asari Dokubo” – National Mirror Online”

  1. Dr. Armah Elibe says:

    Nigeria and Nigerians need one thing very desperately, that is to make a clean break from our past where leadership of the country is determined by where you come from, your religion, and how much money you have. Politics being about numbers we need to educate people to concentrate on concrete issues of national development and security and foreign policy.The issue should be about the persons personal leadership abilities rather than any other consideration, but not including anyone who governed at any level before.

  2. joebest says:

    this man asari dokubo talking like a sick and retarded person he forgot that politics is a game of numbers !

  3. tk says:

    just in nigeria we need the leader from any where from any part of the country if he will solve our problem!

  4. tk says:

    to rule nigeria is not by propaganda you know majoritty carry the vote that is pure democracy not by manustlatin

  5. Ubong David says:

    To me it is not about who rule but how to rule. Nigeria needs good governance and not sectorial leadership. It wont do us any good but we must groom young and innovative leaders to lead our nation to compete with its counterpart.


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