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Bomb explosion in Kaduna State, Nigeria dismember body of Anti-bomb squad Police Officer; Pictures (Viewer discretion is advised)

Picture of the corpse of the blown-up Anti-bomb squad Police Officer
Picture of the dismembered foot of the blown-up Anti-bomb squad Police Officer
Barely a day after a pastor, mistaken for a suicide bomber was shot at the Government House, Kaduna, a police officer with the anti-bomb squad was killed in Kaduna on Tuesday while trying to defuse an object suspected to be a bomb put in a polythene bag near the Sultan Bello Mosque flyover at Ungwan Sarki, Kaduna.

The incident occurred shortly after another bomb was detonated, causing panic in the area. A police officer noticed a bag close by and moved towards it with a scanner to defuse it, but it exploded killing him immediately. Deputy Superintendent of Police Aminu Lawan said the policeman that was killed was one of their anti-bomb squad officers and investigation into the incident had commenced.

Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State, in a message, condoled with the police and the family of the policeman who he said died while trying to save lives.

According to an eyewitness, the first explosion occurred at about 11.33 a.m. while the second one that killed the policeman occurred at about 12.15 p.m. and rocked the area populated largely by Muslims.

According to him, some minutes after the first bomb exploded, another polythene bag containing some objects was discovered at another location, a few metres away from the first explosion. A mobile policeman tried to detonate the content of the polythene bag, when the content suddenly exploded, blowing the policeman into pieces.

Body parts of the policeman were seen scattered at the scene of the blast, while people fled the area. Shop owners around the area rushed to close their shops and the roads were barricaded by armed soldiers and the police.

At the nearby Ungwan Sarki market, traders were forced to close their shops while schools and financial institutions around the area also closed abruptly.

At a press briefing, the Commissioner of Police in Kaduna State, Bala Nasarawa, said “today, 14th February, 2012 at about 10.45hrs, and 11.40hrs, there were two explosions that occurred at Unguwan Sarki bus stop, Kaduna. The first Improvised Explosive Device (IED) exploded in a gutter near a parked 15-seater Ford bus.

“No one was affected while the second explosion occurred when a police anti-bomb personnel, one Sergeant Sunday Badang, was about to defuse it and the Improvised Explosive Device exploded and he was killed instantly. The fragment affected two other persons near the scene. They were rushed to the 44 Army Reference Hospital Kaduna for treatment and the victims are in stable condition.

“The area was equally swept by the police anti-bomb squad and no other explosive device was detected. Equally, we have beefed up security in the entire state and members of the public are hereby advised to report any suspicious object to security agencies and to avail us with credible information that will nip in the bud this criminality.”
Culled from Nigerian Tribune

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  2. Collins says:

    Nigeria needs international help for lasting security.People are been kill every Sunday like animals.The president needs to station the latest high tech security and directors at airports,seaports and land bordering Nigeria and it neighbors.Nigeria also needs a spy drone that is capable of doing anything.Set up a spacial security service and a rapid intervention unit that is capable of acting within seconds in case of any security treats.Not to kill them but catch them right handed so, they can give more information to which person or country is sponsor the boko harram and how they get away with their devilish acts without being caught.

    The cheapest and most effective security I would like to suggest the president apply is to apply a surprise nation wide search to properties, houses, shops etc with a heavily guarded security.This will definitely clean this nation in and out.It is with this kind of strategy you can know who is who in Nigeria.

  3. fortune says:

    one day this people doing ths will come out….wit there sponsors….to comfece bc thy dont want peace in the country….Government dont know what thy ….thy seat dont alow …big men to pay people to bomb os…..if thy bomb any of my family…..i will not take any money from the government .i make sure …..that i also look for bomb any where and bomb any person that bomb my family….even do i will die ….i dont miid……….so there 4 they shud stop that …………………….some text missing


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