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Boko Haram threatens GSM providers as IBB denies sponsoring sect – The Nation

Members of the Jamatul Ahlis Sunnah lid Daawa wal Jihad (otherwise known as Boko Haram) yesterday threatened to attack GSM service providers and Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) offices for their alleged role in the arrest of their men.
They accused the service providers and the NCC of collaborating with security agencies to arrest their members.
Speaking in a telephone interview with reporters in Maiduguri, the beleaguered Borno State capital where the sect has done much havoc, the purported spokesman of the dreaded group, Abul Qaqa, said the arrest of some top leaders of the sect will not stop the “holy war”.
He said security operatives thought that the arrest of Abul Dardaa and re-arrest of Kabiru Sokoto will deter them in what he described as the holy war.
The purported spokesman added that the killing of their leader, Mohammed Yusuf, and some of the sect’s members did not stop them from what they are doing.
“The arrest of Abu Dardaa and re-arrest of Kabiru Sokoto is just a will of God,” he said, adding that instead of being demoralised, the sect will wax stronger in doing the “work of God”.
He also denied some media reports that the sect forces its members to carry out suicide missions.
“How can you force somebody who will gladly wave at his people with a smile before embarking on a suicide mission?” Qaqa asked.
“People are claiming that there is (sic) faction and ethnicity among our members; we are all united and working for the cause of Allah. We are even waxing stronger by the day. We are ready to face the whole world and not only the Nigerian military,” Qaqa said.
Abdul Qaqa is the pseudonym used by Boko Haram spokesmen.
Former Military President Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida yesterday described as spurious and unfounded the allegation by Sheik Sani Haliru within the social media that he is one of the sponsors of the deadly Boko Haram sect.
An interview posted on the social media network, purportedly granted by Haliru, alleged that the former military leader is one of the sponsors of the sect. The interview is entitled: “Shocking confessions of ex-Boko Haram who converted to Christianity”.
In a reply posted on the same website, the ex-General’s spokesman, Mr Kassim Afegbua, said: “We have read and assimilated the effusions of a deluded mind by name Sheikh Sani Haliru, who for want of very cheap relevance decided to mention the highly respected name of IBB as one of the “sponsors” of what he called Boko Haram. From our first reading, we felt it would amount to giving undue relevance to a confused mind if we volunteer a response, but for our teeming supporters, associates and friends of IBB, for the price we owe history, we decided to offer this disclaimer.”
Babangida denied knowing the man. He also faulted the interview, which he described as full of inconsistencies.
The former military leader picked holes in the interview, citing the Sheikh’s claim that Dele Giwa died in suicide bombing, when, according to IBB, the former Newswatch Editor-in-Chief was killed by a parcel bomb.
“We have every cause to believe that the interview was carefully scripted to convey the message intended and not one conducted under a question– and–answer basis. The responses of the said Sani Haliru attest to this fact. From that premise therefore, it will be save to conclude that the interview was structured by certain agents of government to satisfy pre-determined position,” the statement added.
The statement added: “He talked about his fear of going to jail; why will a man of God be afraid of incarceration or jail, if the cause he is pursuing is truly altruistic? How could someone with facts about Boko Haram be saying that he is afraid the SSS will arrest him if he ventured those facts, when the whole world is patiently waiting to get a road map out of the Boko Haram pogrom?
“There are also instances where third person narrative tenor is given to Sheikh Sani Haliru, thus making the whole exercise curiously misleading and utterly unconscionable to warrant any serious recognition.”

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