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Re-arrest of Christmas day bombing suspect reveal links to Top Nigerian Politicians and Government Officials

Reportedly, Investigation after the re-arrest of the alleged Christmas day bombing suspect, Kabiru Sokoto revealed he has ties with eminent Nigerian politicians, elite, and important Government officials after the screening of his telephone records by security offcials.
The telephone conversation of Kabiru Sokoto demonstrated ‘danger’. Kabiru Sokoto spoke with the suicide bomber who attacked the Louis Edet House Police Headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria moments before the atrocious attack.
A security source who prefer to remain anonymous stated, “It was embarrassing and painful that Kabir Sokoto escaped from custody after his arrest which took time and concerted efforts to actualize. It is true that his phone had been recovered, and I can tell you that the recordings therein are stunning. There are so many highly placed individuals, mostly politicians, involved. And from all indications, the suspect was deeply involved in most of the bombings. In fact, he was the co-coordinator. The suicide bomber who attacked the force headquarters in Abuja made a last minute phone call within the radius of the Federal Secretariat in Abuja on the day of the incident. And that call from the bomber was placed to Kabiru. And there are several of such calls and recordings in his phone linked to influential politicians and top government officials” What are you thinking?

5 Responses to “Re-arrest of Christmas day bombing suspect reveal links to Top Nigerian Politicians and Government Officials”

  1. Rasheed Akanbi says:

    Please let’s know who are the devile, but one thing with Nigeria security oprative is that, they may come out tomorrow now a say for security reasons the name of does politicians remain cover, and don’t be surprise that you will see does politicians tomorrow contest for Nigeria president because nobody known them, please let’s known who are the people that’s looking for downfall of this great nation.

  2. 2ru talk says:

    Haba fellow Nigerians dont you thing it better to get to the bottom of the matter before concluding his a christien or what ever the lssue to for us to know these prominent politians and get arrested with to face proper justices for the life of those has being killed we shud remember those kill by sword will die by sword there fore those who kill by burmb shud never excape burmb,either write or wrong let every one that have hand in blood shead not go free please nigerian security this is not the time for coverup for this politians xpose them and let the world kowns our security have come of age

  3. abimbola adebo says:

    Enemy of progress ! What do they want to achieve ? God of vengeance ! That answers by consuming fire where are thou ? I pray that the security agents , the Judiciary , the Government as a whole will be BOLD enough to bring them to book. May the Lord wipe out their generations from the surface of the Earth

  4. Said Said says:

    Let’s know them. But i smell something, this Kabiru sokoto’s face is like he is igbo by tribe…. Take a look at him.
    Then where are the xtian man and women that werw caught setting their churches ablaze? The man in bayelsa and the woman in Bauchi.

    • mohammed salis says:

      I can believe him that government officials & politicians are involved but I dought it much if Kabiru sokoto is a Northerner bcos he neither resemble Fulani nor Hausa. Let the SSS verify it fully by contacting his phone service provider to have the real record of his phone calls & the numbers he often communicated with. Because I can recall Quite curiously, some Christians were implicated and arrested in connection with the burning of St John’s Catholic Church in Bauchi, said to be masterminded by a certain Lydia Joseph. Another church, God’s Grace International Ministries Church, in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, was said to have been burnt down by another character called Wisdom King who was dressed in kaftan and a turban. Obviously, the more you see, the less you understand.


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