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Christmas day bombing attack suspect re-arrested

Reportedly, Suspected Christmas day bomber, Kabiru Sokoto, has been re-arrested in Taraba State, Nigeria by Security Officials. What are you thinking?

4 Responses to “Christmas day bombing attack suspect re-arrested”

  1. Anonymous says:

    can u see d mark of d beast on his fore head?bastard terorist

  2. Tony Dansu says:

    How can we be sure he is the one? So difficult for me to believe now. This has to be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

  3. kex says:

    Are u sure.or is one every oda fake news…

  4. Jonathan & Ruth says:

    Sinners will not go unpunished unless they repent. All those who put innocent lives at risk will pay for it by the grace of God in order to serve a deterring lessons; and that they may not continue to cause havoc any longer.


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