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Insecurity: Kano Plans To Marry Off 1,000 Widows – Leadership Newspapers

As part of measures to ensure sustainable peace and reduce social tension in the state, the Kano State government has planned to marry off 1,000 widows any time from now.

This was revealed by Malam Aminu Daurawa, commander-general of the state Hisba Board, at the command’s office on Sharada Road in Kano metropolis.

He said that the measure is aimed, among others, at making young men become more responsible to themselves and to the society, “and is going to be sustained,” he said.

This is coming on the heels of the havoc wrought on the state by the attacks of Boko Haram during which over 200 lives were lost recently.

LEADERSHIP can authoritatively report that the state’s authorities, leading members of the ulama and many individuals are already waxing spiritual, engaging in constant prayers as well as applying economic and social measures aimed at tackling the ills that might have brought the prevailing situation in the state. Many community leaders told LEADERSHIP that they have resolved to do all they could to ensure the return of peace, vowing to exploit the huge advantages inherent in diversity to live in peace with one another.

Yesterday, a special prayer was held at the premises of the Hisbah Commission towards having a lasting peace in the state. Similarly, some groups have resolved to support the state government in the actualisation of the report it received from a consultative forum which made far-reaching recommendations that would eventually stem out security challenges in the state.

For its part, the state government has stepped up efforts to comply with the report of the committee it set up to look into the security challeges and advise the government on the way forward.

A 15-member consultative committee, set up by the state government in the wake of the January 20, 2012, bomb blasts in the state, which submitted its reports to Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso, had lamented the uncontrolled influx of foreigners into the state and suggested far-reaching measures on how to handle the situation.

The committee, which was under the chairmanship of Alhaji Magaji Dambatta (OFR), observed that the springing up of unplanned settlements all over the state, harbouring strangers, without any proactive system of monitoring their activities had contributed immensely in the spreading insecurity challenges in the state.

The committee noted with dismay huge rural-urban migration, the growing menace of almajirai (young boys begging on the streets) syndrome, the teeming unemployed youth and grinding poverty have collectively added up to the increased volatility of the state, thereby exacerbating the security situation in the state.

The committee’s report, which the government said it will implement to the letter after it studied its content thoroughly, suggested the need to address the virtual collapse of governance structure at the community level, making it impossible to keep track of activities in local communities; abuse of town planning regulations, illegal motor parks, petty trading premises and armies of motorcyclists, among others. It said “Kano has unfortunately been reduced to what can be described as an urban jungle” and, to address the problems, the committee suggested the resuscitation of communal governance system having manifested ward heads, district heads and community leaders, so as to assist in achieving peace and security and, in the process, assist in identifying foreigners as well as certifying their means of livelihood.

Apparently satisfied with the measures the state government planned to put in place, state chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria Bishop Ransom Bello expressed the support of its leadership to the state government and also hoped the new inspector-general, Alhaji Muhammadu Dahiru Abubakar, will bring a critical change in the security apparatus of the nation that will give priority to ensuring the safety of life and property.

He said following the recent bomb blast that rocked Kano, most non-Muslims resident in the state have lost faith in remaining in the state because of fear, but there is renewed hope in view of the dynamic approach to the issues by the IGP and the state government.

Our correspondent who went round some bsuiness areas in the metropolis reports that the bustling commercial Kwanar Singer, Kanti Kwari textile market, Sabon Gari central market, among others, have returned to normal.

However, the Sabon Gari area inhabited predominantly by non-natives and non-Muslims still records scanty human traffic as a number of panic-stricken southerners have fled the state.

‘We are not leaving Kano, say Igbos’
Igbo communities in Kano have said that its members will not leave the state in the wake of the recent Boko Haram attack.

Igwe John Chiejina Nnaji, the Onye Ndu Igbo of Kano and Chief Leonard Nwosu, president general of Igbo community in the state, said in a statement that all Igbo in the state have resolved to remain and continue to live in peace with the people of the state as they have been doing before the recent attacks.

“We stand by the resolution of South-East governors and our political leaders to remain calm and believe in the corporate entity of Nigeria,” the Igbo leaders said.
The community therefore distanced itself from the comments made by Tobias Idika who urged the Igbo to leave the state following the Boko Haram attacks that resulted in the death of many people and wounding of many others.

The Igbo leaders distanced themselves from the statement credited to Tobias Idika, saying his comment was not made on behalf of the community.

‘Why Abul Qaqa’s Arrest Was Kept Secret’
The failure of the security agencies to clearly state where the notorious spokesman of the Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Lidawati wal Jihad, popularly known as Boko Haram, Abul Qaqa, was arrested is deliberate in order to save the souls of Kaduna people from what it called “raison d’etre” by the members of the dreaded sect. LEADERSHIP can authoritatively report.

Since the arrest of the Boko Haram spokesman, none of the security agencies has come out with a clear statement regarding the actual state where the arrest was made. But most national dailies have reported that the Boko Haram man was apprehended in Kaduna.

A highly placed security source told LEADERSHIP that the silence of the security agencies was deliberate and “is done in order to save Kaduna State from experiencing bloody day like Kano by the Boko Haram”.

He said: “If security said the man was picked up in Kaduna, it gives them (Boko Haram) a “riason-d’etre” that means a reason to act.

“I can confirm to you that, with all the noise people have been making and the newspapers reports did you hear anybody in the SSS Kaduna Command say anything? Even the SSS boss in Abuja has not said whether the suspect was picked up in Kaduna or not. So it is deliberate. Let the speculation continue, it is in the interest of Kaduna people.

“You know, these people (Boko Haram) want to have a reprisal on an event. And if the security comes out to say, Yes, it’s true, the man was arrested in Kaduna, you are giving them a reason to act. So, we are trying to avoid that.

“There are new security measures that are coming in place to further protect the lives and properties of the citizenry, and, by God’s grace, we shall succeed.”

Meanwhile, LEADERSHIP checks revealed security operatives have embarked on community searches aimed at fishing out gunrunners in the state.

Our source said part of the security plan is to integrate security operatives in flashpoint areas of Rigasa, Tudun Wada, Sabon Tasha, Trikania, Kakuri, Ungwan Muazu, among others, with a view of securing the lives of people.

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  1. Collins says:

    Nigeria needs international help for lasting security.People are been kill every Sunday like animals.The president needs to station the latest high tech security and directors at airports,seaports and land bordering Nigeria and it neighbors.Nigeria also needs a spy drone that is capable of doing anything.Set up a spacial security service and a rapid intervention unit that is capable of acting within seconds in case of any security treats.Not to kill them but catch them right handed so, they can give more information to which person or country is sponsor the boko harram and how they get away with their devilish acts without being caught.

    The cheapest and most effective security I would like to suggest the president apply is to apply a surprise nation wide search to properties, houses, shops etc with a heavily guarded security.This will definitely clean this nation in and out.It is with this kind of strategy you can know who is who in Nigeria.


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