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Adamawa 2012 Governorship Election Update By Nasir El-Rufai


Larmude LGA.
Dubwangun ward
Bafyau unit 1-ACN 35, PDP 42, CPC 30.
Kofar-Jauro unit 2- ACN 28, PDP 44, CPC 60.

Ganye LGA.
Ganye Ward 1: unit 003-ACN 138, CPC 170, PDP 75.
Unit 004- ACN 65, CPC 93, PDP 58.
Unit 15- ACN 65, CPC 190, PDP 93.

Gangfada ward 003: ACN 75, ADC 2, ANPP 2, CPC 50, and PDP 83.
Tola Ward 11: ACN 146, CPC 303, PDP 513.

Farang Ward: ACN 50, CPC 428, PDP 488.

Song Gari ward 08: ACN 1199, CPC 831, PDP 1770.
Song Waje Ward 09: ACN 135, CPC 50, PDP 215.
Kilange Funa ward 04: ACN 83, CPC 35, PDP 67.
Kilange Hirna ward: ACN 469, CPC 362, PDP 809.

Bazza Margi ward 02: ACN 329, CPC 351, PDP 284.
Sukumu/Tillijo ward 13: ACN 346, CPC 741, PDP 365.

Yelwa Ward 11-ACN, 65, ANPP-2, CPC 61, PDP 12.
Unit 008: ACN 15, CPC 80, PDP 106.”


Chairman of PDP in Madagali LGA storm polling units, carting away all votes casted to Madagali Police station.

***Secretary of Lamido Emirate Council forcefully abducts CPC agent in Yola ward, takes him to Police CID while irregularities are perpetrated.

***No Voting Materials in the 9 Polling units of Dau 1 ward in Toungo LGA.

Secretary of Emirate Council of Lamido Adamawa used Police from the Lamido’s Palace to arrest a CPC agent, Alhaji Aliu and took him to the state police CID. Observers believe his arrest was to create time and room for electoral malpractices. The CPC agent was however released hours later by the police authorities without any charges.

At Yola North LGA, Gwadabawa ward housing 3 polling units, PDP agents had seen bribing Policemen on duty resulting in the police dispersing CPC agents and harassing voters to vote a particular party.

In Toungo LGA, Dau 1 ward, comprising 9 poling units, INEC official only brought ballot papers without ballot boxes. CPC and ACN agents refused to participate until boxes were made available. Consequently, CPC is claiming victory based on the number of its supporters that turned up to cast their votes.

Also at Kiri ward 004, also in Toungo, no voting materials as at 4 pm. CPC state chairman Ibrahim Waziri reported the Toungo issue to the INEC REC and he replied that the non distribution of voting materials are noted.

Mr. Yuguda is Madagali Local Government Chairman (PDP). He went to the polling units packed all the voters cards cast and took everything to the Madagali Police Station when there was no violence.”


CPC Party Agents Chased Away by Security Agents.

***Election Materials Delayed in CPC Strongholds.

***PDP Agents distributing money at polling units to influence voters against INEC rules.

***CPC Agents being intimidated to wear PDP Tags.

***6 Ballot boxes sneaked into PDP Chieftain’s house in Ganye.

Some plots by one of the political parties contesting the Adamawa governorship elections to rig in connivance with INEC officials and security agencies have began to unfold as CPC Party agents in some wards are being chased out from performing their accreditation in some polling units while voting materials were yet to reach many polling units considered CPC strongholds as at 11am yesterday.

Monitoring teams from CPC and some election observers spoken to disclosed that such wards like Kofar Jauro Baggare-ward 002, Malkohi Primary school-ward 009, Kofar Jauro Runde kila-ward 007 and Wuro Dadi primary school-ward 0015 all in Yola South Local Government area had not ballot boxes sent to them by 11 am.

At Fangeri polling unit and Lantari wards also in Yola South LGA, security agents including the Police reported chased out all agents (CPC, PDP, ANPP, ACN, ADC) from the polling units as voters commenced voting raising suspicion of plots to rig in favour of a particular party.

At Yola North LGA, Jambutu ward with three polling units, election observers disclosed that security agents and other persons from a political party, intimidated CPC agents into pulling their accreditation tags and wearing PDP tags with some of them promised heavy incentives if they cooperate.

At Fufore LGA, Paria ward for instance, hundreds of CPC voter’s turned up for accreditation only to see security agents turning back agents of CPC. At Yadim ward also in Fufore, observers reported there was deliberate absence of security agents, harassments of voters while PDP agents were seen publicly distributing money to voters to influence the choice of candidate.

From Ganye 2 ward in Ganye LGA, election monitors reported that 6 empty ballot boxes were seen being carried into the home of former PDP House of Representatives member representing Fufore/Ganye Constituency, Mr. Martins Babale, ostensibly for ballot stuffing.”



***Snatching of Ballot Box in Madagali Ward.

***Michika Ward gets 200 Ballot boxes instead of 1, 000

***Security Agents beat up, harass CPC observers at Yola South LGA.

***CPC Agents reject plans to conduct secret voting in Guyuk LGA, opts for open secret as approved by INEC.

Police arrest Martins Babale, former House of Reps member for PDP representing with six ballot boxes ostensibly to be stuffed by at Ganye 2 ward in Ganye LGA

At Mayo/Farang ward 1 and Sebore Ahmadu ward 1 in Mayo Belwa LGA, Observers witnessed some persons said to be PDP agents calling out returning officers for the polling units into a house under police protection where they were allegedly given substantial amount of money to influence the outcome of the votes cast.

There were also incidents of PDP agents seen distributing money to voters publicly without security agencies doing anything to stop such electoral malpractices.

At Michika, the home town of the CPC candidate, General Buba Marwa, election observers reported that in Thukudou/Sukufu/Zar wards comprising 14 polling units, only 200 ballot boxes were distributed by INEC instead of 1, 000 ballot boxes earmarked for the polling units.

At Foru ward also in Michika comprising four polling units, INEC is said to have earmarked 8 ballot boxes for the election but only one ballot box was reportedly brought to one of the polling unit by INEC.

At Yola South LGA, Kofar Baba ward-unit 009, security agencies working in tandem with PDP agents, harass and beat up election observers whom they suspect are dishing out reports not favourable to PDP.

At Guyuk LGA, Dangir/Chikala ward, CPC agents rejected plans to conduct a secret ballot instead of open secret ballot approved by INEC. In Madagali ward, in Madagali LGA, suspected PDP supporters snatch a ballot box with CPC voters said to have casted the most votes. At Zumo, in Hong LGA, with about 2500 votes, CPC agents are being singled out and arrested by security agents.”"

2 Responses to “Adamawa 2012 Governorship Election Update By Nasir El-Rufai”

  1. Inuwa kontagora says:

    PDP is a disaster to this country. All the social vices happening today in nigeria, are caused by PDP. Can‘t they for ones allow justice 2 prevail?
    I‘ll continue 2 weep for my country, till the day A common man would rise up against this injustice, oppression, robbery & disaster called PDP.

  2. Basheer says:

    Shame on PDP such such as Atiku, Nyako, some of d political thugs that can’t diffrentiate between black and white… The CPC its just a less than 1yr registered political party on which d PDP are battling to manuplate conivin wit INEC, securities,


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