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Re: Former militant, Boyloaf, becomes presidential envoy By Ogbuefi Blogs

“Boyloaf (in dark goggles) during a recent inspection visit to the Netherlands…The former militant now travels overseas inspecting training facilities on behalf of the Federal Government…
“Boyloaf and other militant leaders fought for their own pockets, not the Niger
Delta people. Now, everybody talks about the amnesty programme, but we (including the so-called militant leaders) have forgotten about what gave rise to the militant activities in that region. What was the response of the Federal Government and the “militant leaders” to the latest oil spills in the region? Even the East-West road is still the way it is, but the “militant leaders” are satisfied with sleeping in luxury hotels in Abuja while the people in the oil producing communities still live in inhumane conditions.” – Mustaisa
The struggle in the Niger-Delta was a creation of the politicians of that region for their cheap blackmail of the rest of us.
After they had bred the hydra-headed monster, they became petrified about the portent of its existence.
With all the derivation funds for all these years, what did the governors do with them? Blind purloining!
Some years ago, a governor instructed his commissioners to go back to the creeks and disarm their private armies. A commissioner gullibly went but was bluntly told to perish the thought.
We must correctly situate the Niger delta issues. All these monies with the militants are not allowed to percolate to the people….- Rotimi

Premium Times Report: For agreeing to drop his arms and join the amnesty programme of the Federal Government, Ebikabowei Victor Ben, aka Boyloaf, has become a Presidential envoy embarking on international inspection visits on behalf of the Federal Government.

As part of his visits, Boyloaf recently led a delegation to Rotterdam to inspect proposed venues for the training of former militants.

According to African Energy Intelligence, Boyloaf arrived in Rotterdam late January and has already visited Albelda College where government plans to train dozens of militants.

The training programme is part of the amnesty programme put in place by the Federal Government.

The programme, which began in 2009 under late President Umaru Yar’Adua allows for the training of former militants in the Niger Delta in various crafts relevant to the oil and gas industry.

The amnesty program is at present being coordinated by Kingsley Kuku, the special assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan on Niger Delta affairs.

It is unclear why Boyloaf, who has no known professional qualifications, is leading presidential delegations on such visits; but sources say this is not the first time Mr. Ebikabowei would embark on such trip.

As a leader of a federal government delegation, not only does Boyloaf get estacodes and first class hotel reservations, he is also entitled to aides who accompany him on such trips.

Mr. Kuku could not be reached for comments while Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, did not return calls or respond to text messages sent to his telephone.

It’s a militant world
Boyloaf is not the only militant making money from government activities. The militants’ influence within the corridors of power can be seen at the Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja where some of them have permanent suites to themselves. The hotel, used by top government fuctionaries, diplomats and (international) businessmen, is one of the most expensive in Nigeria.
A report by NEXT Newspapers last year showed how another militant, Government Ekpemukpolo aka Tompolo was virtually handed control of a government agency, the Nigerian Maritime Safety and Administration Agency (NIMASA).

Ogbuefi Ndigo says: Obviously in Nigeria, CRIME PAYS…whether it is Criminal acts by politicians, armed and pen robbers…crime pays in Nigeria ..Go and carry your arms, maybe if you survive, you can be part of the Presidential envoy. Lol.
Doesn’t it bother you that unless you carry arms against the state, you wouldn’t be listened to?
MASSOB, una de hear am?”
What are you thinking?

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  1. That is it one day the whole NG people will become millitant, even if we don’t become president delegation,we would bost as a somebody.


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