The Struggle,The Man and his Scars By Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro

Picture of Comrade Rex Ekiugbo Anighoro and Alhaji Mujahid Abubakr Dokubo Asari

Today was supposed to be my wedding day, Saturday, January 28th, 2012.
Before i left the United States for Nigeria, plans were already advanced: Wedding hall booked and paid for in Ughelli, Cake paid for, wedding gown bought, wedding card ready, and many other necessary plans near completion.
Before my return from the United States, my security was already compromised; i raised an alarm but many did not believe me. I, through my post warned of advance plans to eliminate me and other Urhobo youth leaders specifically mentioning the name of late Chief Ogbe Onokpite and Ambassador Godwin Okporoko in one of my post. Less than thirty days of coming into the country and less that two hours of speaking with Chief Ogbe Onokpite on the phone, he was murdered. Indeed, my intelligence source clearly told me plain cloth men closely monitored my house in Ughelli, hoping to get me in order to ‘plant guns on me’, frame me up, and get me murdered.
I heed smart security advice, took to semi exile in Lagos and Accra, cancelled my wedding plans and relinquished my tenancy apartment in Ughelli and never visited Delta State. I was sometimes broke and most persons whom i thought could be of support by the fact we were in the same struggle clearly ignored my appeals for little assistance yet my passion for the struggle was burning so i could not be deterred.
With the aid of one or two people, i organized the Lagos protest as i became the first person to Officially Occupy Gani Park, Ojota yet many ignored – no encouragement, no thanks. Sometimes, one felt very low and sad, there was even the feeling of abandonment – even at Christmas I was totally ignored – no one cared but thanks to one or two persons that came to my rescue, i had a sweet christmas celebration.
Prior to all these, i had become a top target for elimination as text messages from Government House were freely circulated across Delta State that i was recruiting criminals to attack Government House. Also, the effect of the Lagos protest was jolting, that is considering the effect of my America’s campaign in St. Louis with pioneer American Occupy campaigners against Uduaghan.
The Delta State Commissioner of Information hurriedly came to Lagos to hold a Press conference in order to further blackmail me – i was the target of that Press conference in which they claimed i was behind the allegation that Uduaghan killed Chief Ogbe…….this claim i must say they cannot deny for Chief Ogbe personally told me about Uduaghan’s plan to eliminate him using Baro and Ayiri severally, even when i visited him at the Nigerian Prisons, where i arranged his security out of detention around May last year – my contacts duly brought the murder of Chief Ogbe before Mr. President and i pray with a new Inspector General of Police (IGP), processes may be different.
This struggle, which certainly has DPP (DPP is the acronym of a Nigerian political Party) legislators as first beneficiaries was partly due to my role as Director of youths; I fully mobilized youths to keep night vigils at Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Offices, materials could not be stolen or tampered with as the parties ensured that our agents properly certified the materials as complete before dispatch; my many thanks to all those youths namely Kofo, Osagu, Uzezi, Ejiro Torosu, and the other hundreds who kept night vigils in order to ensure success. God bless Efe Duku for his role. I cannot forget several gunshots from Men working for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and my detention and Court appearances before my acquittance. Today, many of these legislators ignore me but they should be ready for the big fight as these youths who worked tirelessly cannot be ignored – I am ready to stake so much.
After elections before my travel to the United States, we at the youth Directorate were not deterred – we made sure, we kept the fire, the tempo up, Sustained the passion and our gratitude to his Excellency Chief Great Ogboru, who supported our programs and projects like the first June 12 celebration in Delta State, my hosting of the America Consular General, Mr. Joseph Stafford, our strategic visits to the NBA president, and our consistent presence at the Court.
As i remember today as the botched day of my wedding, as one of the numerous scars to show for this struggle, I call on every youth and anyone who has scars to show for this struggle not to despair but to rededicate himself or herself to the cause.
We shall overcome……..God bless Great Ogboru.
The struggle continues.

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  1. Peace ewherunu says:

    Am sorry anyway to ask but what is leading to your elimination by Dr uduaghan?


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